Game Overview


With a vision to create the most immersive storytelling experiences by melding viewer interactivity into the narrative, Baobab has turned the viewer into a character in every one of their animated experiences.  In Bonfire, Baobab has pushed technological limits with it's real-time rendering, artificial intelligence and interactive narrative systems to create a new virtual reality experience, where you, the viewer, play the leading role! 

Gameplay Details

In Bonfire, the latest interactive VR experience from the award-winning Baobab Studios, you play the leading role. As Space Scout 817, you are on a mission to discover a new home for the human race after it has made a mess of Earth. The stakes are high. Too bad your piloting skills lack… precision. In fact, you crash-land at night in a mysterious clearing of an unknown planet three-hundred light-years from Earth. Your only source of light is your makeshift bonfire. Beyond its glow everything falls to darkness. And what are those strange noises coming from the alien jungle? 

You have only your instincts and your robot sidekick, Debbie, to guide you. Voiced by comedian, actress, and writer Ali Wong, Debbie’s companionship comes with a signature wariness. When a chance meeting with a local inhabitant further steers your mission off course, you learn that unexpected encounters just might result in lasting friendships. In this intimate setting you have the opportunity to embrace, explore and influence the world around you, and, perhaps, make new friends. 

In the end, the choice is ultimately yours: Will you follow your captain or your conscience?

Be the Star of an Absurd Alien Adventure with Ali Wong

  • You are Scout 817 and you’ve been sent to find humanity a new home.  Instead, you just crashed your spaceship on an alien planet.  Your only tools for survival are a fading bonfire, nourishment cylinders and a wary robot sidekick… or so you think
  • Why not adventure into the darkness of an alien jungle, what’s the worst that can happen?  Embrace the unknown and seek the unexpected as a little trust and acceptance might help you survive and hey, you might make a couple new furry friends

An Animated Movie-Like Space Survival Story of Trust and Friendship

  • As a not so elite member of The Space Force, you’ll be immersed in a seriously ridiculous situation playing the lead role in a comedic and casual narrative-based entertainment experience where your personal decisions impact the story
  • Your mission is not just to survive, it’s to save all of mankind… no pressure!  You’ll learn of the new planet, it's inhabitants, your surly robot sidekick and maybe even a bit about yourself.  In the end, you will get the choice, follow your captain or your conscience?

Intuitive Interactions in an Immersive World Where Your Decisions Matter

  • With fluid movements and intuitive interactions, you’ll evaluate life-sustaining viability of an alien planet, identify valuable extra-terrestrial resources, neutralize hostile creatures and tame wild creatures
  • Engage in meaningful interactions with the characters and the world around you with Baobab’s award-winning real-time rendering, artificial intelligence and interactive design systems optimized for the upcoming Oculus Quest

About Debbie

Ali Wong is a writer, actress, stand-up comedian and the voice of Debbie in Bonfire. Most known for her Netflix stand-up specials Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife she also wrote for Fresh Off the Boat for the first four seasons. Recently, Wong announced her lead role in a Netflix original feature film Always be my Maybe starring Randall Park as well as her newly released Netflix animated series, Tuca & Bertie starring Tiffany Haddish and Steven Yeun. Wong has also made television appearances in American Housewife, Are You There, Chelsea, Inside Amy Schumer, and Black Box.

When they asked me to voice a character for a virtual reality experience, I thought I was going to be an action hero lighting garbage cans on fire. I didn’t know it was going to be this story that could go in several directions depending on the viewer’s choices. And when I finally watched Bonfire with the goggles and everything, I was surprised by how touching and fun the whole experience was. - Ali Wong