Cursed Land

Hidden amongst the furthest reaches of the treacherous eastern mountains, this city lies in seclusion.



An affliction has cursed the city for countless ages, an endemic nightmare known only as the Scourge of the Beast. Those afflicted by this sickness lose all sense of reason, transforming into what can only be described as beasts. Night after night, “hunters” arise to cleanse the streets of these horrors.







Central Yharnam is home to imagery both terrifying and tranquil, with a complex network of cris-crossing roads, paths and bridges, Home to blood ministration and massive churches, Yharnam is  –haunted and yet, at times, disarmingly beautiful.


The outskirts of Yharnam are home to a deep, foreboding forest. Rumored to be a settlement for those driven out of the city, as well as home to horrific giant poisonous snakes, it is now off-limits per the Church of Medicine and no one dares go near. 



With its vast cemetery, Yharnam is never short on corpses. Charnel Lane is filled with various carelessly placed gravestones, giving out a sense of eeriness and gloominess. Compared to Yharnam proper, this district is poverty-stricken and cultural standard appears low. In such desolated place, what could be lurking within the darkness?


The oldest part of Yharnam is located within the city's valley. Long ago, the Plague of the Beast ran rampant here, and in an effort to contain it the denizens set fire to the city, leaving little more than burnt-out ruins. The people of Yharnam have either forgotten about this place or are trying to forget it, but every so often, howls from beasts echo up from the valley below, a doleful reminder of their sins.


Cainhurst is the castle of an old noble family that once had dealings with Yharnam. The wealthy family came from a long bloodline, but were very private and closed off. Out of the blue, they suddenly vanished without saying goodbye to anyone. Now, Cainhurst has become a frozen-over ruin, with no roads leading in or out, and is merely visible through the thick fog of the lake as a regal, black silhouette.



The Hunter’s Dream serves as the base where hunters/players can purchase items, upgrade their character, repair and upgrade weapons, and more. It's here that you'll find the Doll, who trades Blood Echoes to level up your Hunter, and Gehrman, a mysterious wheelchair-bound advisor. 

Use lanterns scattered around Yharnam to return to the Hunter’s Dream at any time.