Coming November 24th

Uncover Yharnam’s Dark Past

Experience the nightmare of the hunters who once guarded Byrgenwerth’s deepest, darkest secrets and uncover the mystery behind Yharnam’s sinister past in The Old Hunters expansion DLC for Bloodborne™. Journey to a world where hunters from the past are trapped forever, find multiple new outfits and weapons to add to your hunter arsenal, and explore brand new stages full of dangers, rewards, and deadly beasts to hunt.






New World

The Hunters' Nightmare

A world drenched in blood, lit by a possessed moon. Its light shows familiar buildings half swallowed by sludge, leaning over, distorted. It is here that hunters of old, riddled by nightmares, endlessly pursue beasts.









New Area

Astral Clock Tower

A massive, tall gothic structure towers upward towards the moonlit sky, wind blowing through its ornate corridors, steeped in mystery.











New Hunters

Encounter a variety of new hunters allies, including some that hail from the far East. What horrors have they seen, trapped in this eternal nightmare?



New Enemies

Trapped inside this nightmare world, some hunters lost their minds to the hunt. No longer able to tell beast from friend, they roam the nightmare aimlessly and kill anything that crosses their path. Beware, for they continue to wield their deadly Hunter weapons.






Horrific Beast


The holier the man, the more horrific the beast he becomes - this case is no different, where a once famed hero has turned.

But now, it has forgotten the guiding light, and crawls the blood-drenched depths as something that can barely be called even a beast anymore.









New Weapon

Simon's Bowblade

One among the hunters of old did not like firearms. This special transforming bow was custom built just for him.

But there is a saying. Facing a beast with only a bow is...










New Magic

Blacksky Eye

Firing the concentrated light of a small comet from the eyes: this unseen art is a secret ritual of the church. If you look close enough, you may find that the hunter’s nightmare holds many such forgotten secrets.