Building Your Hunter



In Bloodborne, you can customize the gender and age of your character as well as body type, facial features and more. You can also give your character glasses, and add scars or tattoos to their face to create a more unique character.

Customization doesn't stop with the initial character creation; find new items throughout the game to change your Hunter’s clothing, increase your defensive stats, and more.



Leveling Up

As you defeat enemies, your hunter will accrue Blood Echoes, the currency used to purchase items, level up your character, and more. The more enemies defeated, the greater the spoils, but be forewarned: upon death, Blood Echoes are dropped, and must be collected by returning to where your hunter was slain. If, along the way back, your hunter is killed again, those previous Blood Echoes are lost forever. Enemies can also pick up your hunter's Blood Echoes where you dropped them. The beast that stole your Blood Echoes will have an unearthly glow in its eyes, and must be slain in order to win them back. Return to the Doll in the Hunter's Dream to trade in Blood Echoes and raise your hunter's stats. Blood Echoes can also be used to upgrade weapons, purchase items from the shop, and more.

Different stats can change the abilities of your hunter in different ways, so upgrade your hunter to suit your own play style. Note that some types of equipment require stats to be at a certain level before they can be used:

Vitality: Determines HP

Endurance: Determines stamina and resistance.

Strength: Mainly boosts attack damage of heavy physical weapon attack.

Skill: Mainly influences attack damage of nuanced physical attack weapons.

Bloodtinge: Influences attack damage of firearms and other weapons that use quicksilver ammunition.

Arcane: Influences arcane attack level


Blood Gems and Caryll Runes

Blood Gem Upgrades

In addition to normal weapon upgrades using Blood Echoes and materials, you can also take Blood Gems earned by defeating enemies to strengthen your weapons and add special characteristics. The workshop tools are used to attach Blood Gems to the weapons, but you will need to use the right type of tool for that respective Blood Gem.

Caryll Runes

Caryll Runes hold mystical power. By memorizing these ancient, mysterious runes at the Memory Altar in the Hunter's Memory, you can acquire their eldritch strengths, such as increasing the maximum number of items you can keep in your inventory, boosting the amount of Blood Echoes you get for defeating enemies, and more.