Horrifying Transformations


Those afflicted with the Scourge of the Beast sooner or later transform into unspeakable abominations, creatures without familiar shape or form. After roaming the streets night after night to rid the streets of beasts, even the denizens themselves eventually take on a crazed and demented look. Peer deep into their clouded eyes and you will find it impossible to tell the difference between hunter and beast any longer.






The long, sinuous body of this beast is comprised almost entirely of bones. It attacks its victims with jerky, erratic movements, while discharging electrical currents through its twisted, ancient body. With its bony form and a wrinkle-covered skull, people say this beast must be very old, very ancient.

Or perhaps it is a descendent of the plague-ridden city.




Cleric Beast

The plague that has stricken Yharnam has left many of Yharnam’s residents in various states of transformation into all manner of savage beasts, but the Cleric Beast is undoubtedly one of the largest malformed beasts that hunters are bound to encounter. This creature’s emaciated form belies its immense power, and its piercing cry will make even a hardened hunter think twice.



Blood-Starved Beast

A malformed creature whose skin has all peeled off. It’s unknown how the Blood-Starved Beast ended up looking like this, but it is nevertheless very dangerous and exhibits nimble, aggressive movements that are irregular and hard to predict.


Hemwick Witch

On the outskirts of Yharnam lies a town called Hemwick, home to gloomy and deformed gravekeeper hags. In the depths of Hemwick lies a large old manor, inhabited by a crazy old woman. Night after night, this old woman loses herself in a strange ritual. Supposedly because of this mysterious rite, she has taken to collecting eyeballs, which she proudly wears for all to see. 



Hunter Mob

Due to the infestation of the scourge, this is what the mob that has risen for the beast hunt have become.

The fever-like urge to hunt remains, but they themselves have already been infested with the scourge of the beast. Unaware of this fact, they continue to search for prey to hunt and kill. Perhaps through their murky eyes, humans are seen as the true beasts.

Wheelchair Mob

Within the swarming hunter mobs, few elderly men in wheelchairs are spotted from time to time. Elderly men, especially rich elderly men in wheelchairs, are common in Yharnam, and many of them continue to carry guns for self-defense.



Carrion Crows

Having feasted on the corpses that litter Yharnam, these hideous birds have become engorged with dead flesh. Though they can no longer fly, they remain highly aggressive and will attack without warning if they detect the scent of blood.

Bell Ringer

One of Yharnam’s sinister urban legends, this crazed woman dressed in black carries with her a special bell. It is said that the sound of her bell brings out all sorts of unsavory creatures.

The Bell Ringing Woman is the key to PvP battles, and can be summoned by using the Sinister Resonant Bell item. There may even be areas in the game where she appears on her own, leaving hunters open to being invaded.