Put your reflexes and skill to the test in this super-tough platform challenge.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Platformer / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Ground Shatter Ltd
  • Developer: Ant Workshop Ltd
ESRB - E Rating

Game Overview

Can you beat Binaries?

Getting Blue and Orange to their goals at the same time should be easy, right? Especially as you control them both at the same time. Yeah sorry, it’s not going to be easy.

Test your mettle against gruelling platform challenges, as spikes, stars, teleporters, speed boosts and so much more do their best to pop poor Blue and Orange. Have you got what it takes to beat Binaries?

Test Your Mettle

Make your way through over 100 levels of fiendish puzzle solving and death-defying challenges.

Love an extra-hard challenge? Replay levels against the clock to get the fastest time you can. Are you quick enough to get S rank on every level? (We’re not.)

Well Tuned

A really funky adaptive music score that ramps up when you do well and chills out if you’re stuck, to help you concentrate. It’s like the game wants you to do well (while it’s throwing spikes at you).

Go Your Own Way

Choose your own route to completion through a non-linear map. Have you got stuck on a super-tough stage? No worries! Just go and hone your skills on a different level.


Laugh along with up to ten jokes! Look, we’re going to keep saying that it's funny. You'll come around eventually. (Don’t worry there is no additional charge if you laugh more than ten times.)



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