Game Overview

The Nameless Chronicles is the second videogame set in the world of Gaia, from the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG table-top books. You will enjoy a deep and multifaceted story where your choices directly impact the journey and decide your fate.

  • Use the Hand of Tanathos, a unique action system that allows The Nameless to improve any attack becoming temporarily one with the Death. 
  • Customize your character playstyle each time you level up with a vast set of unique skills developing them as in a traditional RPG.
  • A great story full of memorable characters.
  • Epic battles with formidable opponents. Challenge legendary enemies, each with their own special features.
  • Equip yourself with dozens of unique weapons and artifacts.
  • A huge world. You can move with freedom, allowing you to retrace your steps and unlock access to previously inaccessible places.

Game Editions

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