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The next stage of PlayStation®Home’s evolution has arrived. This renovation of PlayStation®Home’s core experience integrates games, quests, community events and user-generated content, while providing players with additional navigation, shopping, socialization and entertainment options. This revolutionary social games platform is completely free to access – all you need is a PSN account. PlayStation®Home can be found under the PSN icon exclusively on the PS3™.

To play, join PSN


PlayStation®Home is packed with hundreds of games – from the platform exclusive FPS Bootleggers ’29 to the wildly-popular puzzle game Cogs! Log in today to play free games that run the gamut from full-on space shooters like Novus Prime: Escalation to massive online futuristic racing games like Sodium 2: Project Velocity. You can also unlock exclusive content for your favorite PS3™ games like UNCHARTED 3: Drakes Deception™ and Killzone®3 by playing games in PlayStation®Home!


The new, futuristic Hub brings an ever-changing roster of games and includes an Activity Board that sends you on quests and community events throughout PlayStation®Home. From the Hub, you can travel to themed Districts filled with games and content based upon your favorite game genres.


PlayStation®Home is where the PlayStation®community gathers to form and expand their teams, clans, and guilds and play a wide range of games with their friends. Join our community of millions of gamers and take advantage of exclusive content and events custom-made for PlayStation® fans.