Prepare to Win

SCUF Vantage Controller

The SCUF Vantage has one purpose: Creating the purest connection between gamer and game. Every aspect of this controller has been meticulously designed to improve performance, comfort and maximize hand use.

Since day one, SCUF’s mission has been to redefine the category of gaming controllers by increasing hand use and improving reaction times to match the evolving complexities of games.

  • Maximize performance with Sax Buttons and Paddles
  • Improve precision and accuracy with 10+ modular features
  • Superior ergonomics, comfort and durability
  • Unparalleled customization and personalization
  • Esports: trusted by the pros, endorsed by the leagues
Industry First

Sax Buttons

Use your entire hand with customizable side action buttons—an ergonomic feature that's an industry first.

Adjust Sound on the Fly

Audio Touch Bar

Adjust sound on the fly with the audio touch bar. Swipe for volume. Tap to mute your mic. Controller must be in wired mode with your headset plugged in.

Improve Your Gameplay

Paddle Control System

It's simple: increase hand use, improve your gameplay. Customize for speed and playstyle with remappable paddles, Sax™ buttons, and endurance-optimized grip.

This product is being developed under the official licensing program for PlayStation® by SIE and is subject to SIE’s final product approval.