Final Fantasy XIV Online: An absolute beginner’s guide

What is Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Set in the fantastical realm of Eorzea, Final Fantasy XIV Online is a sprawling online adventure where thousands of players set out to conquer a vast world teeming with fierce monsters, powerful magic, and alluring myths.

In this massively multiplayer online RPG, you’ll share your experience with countless other players who populate the world, either passing them a wave as you scoot by on your own errands, or teaming up to conquer dungeons or fell powerful enemies together.

As you quest, you’ll shape your character’s skills, appearance, and history, take on job roles and classes, pick up powerful weapons and armor, and help the denizens of Eorzea bring peace to the continent.

Choose your race

Final Fantasy XIV Online has diverse character creation options that allow you to define the look of your hero. Choose one of the many races to start crafting your character.


Eorzea’s most human-esque class, the Hyur will likely feel like your most natural avatar in the world of Final Fantasy.


An elegant race, the Elezen are defined by their pointed ears and willowy physique.


Cute and diminutive, this gnome-like race might look harmless enough, but they're anything but.


Part human and part feline, the Miqo’te are slender and cunning warriors known for their regal tails.


These hulking goliaths are truly intimidating in stature and are unsurprisingly natural fighters.  

Au Ra

A demonic humanoid race with horns and tails, the Au Ra were added as part of the Heavensward expansion.

The other expansions include additional races: the Hrothgar and Viera.

Know your role

There are many different character builds to be experimented with in Final Fantasy XIV Online, but they all fall into one of three simple groups: Tanks, Damage Dealers, and Healers. 

Tanks are defined by their endurance. They’re not invulnerable by any means, but hardy enough to take a pummelling and keep on moving.

Damage dealers (DPS) offer raw power and are able to dish out powerful combat skills. Be warned though, they are far more vulnerable as a result. 

Healers are invaluable when it comes to keeping the group on their feet, but are also able to do a little damage themselves. 

Classes and Jobs

At the beginning of your journey you’ll choose one of eight basic classes: Arcanist, Archer, Conjurer, Gladiator, Lancer, Marauder, Pugilist, or Thaumaturge, each suited to a specific role and style of play. As you progress, these class will evolve into a much broader selection of specializations called ‘Jobs’, including: 

Damage dealers (DPS)

Black Mage

Progressing from the Thaumaturge class, Black Mages deal huge amounts of damage using powerful elemental magic.


Dragoons specialize in close-quarters physical damage and high mobility, progressing from the Lancer class. 


Fleet-of-foot physical damage dealers, Ninjas can be unlocked by progressing the Rogue class, which can be unlocked after reaching level 10.



Known for wielding axes, the Warrior is a progression of the Marauder class.


Driven by faith, the Paladin job is a progression of the Gladiator class. 

Dark Knight

Wielding a great sword, the Dark Knight is a job unlocked by reaching the Heavensward expansion.


White Mage

White Mages are capable healers and damage dealers, progressing from the Conjurer class.


With a focus on defensive and protective magic, the Scholar is a healer progressing from the Arcanist class. 


Focusing on buffs and special effects, the Astrologian is job unlocked by reaching the Heavensward expansion.

These are just a handful of the jobs available in FFXIV. Others include Bard, Monk, Summoner, Samurai, Machinist, and Red Mage. The other expansions include additional jobs: Gunbreaker, Dancer, Sage, Reaper, Viper, and Pictomancer. 

The realm of Eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV features a sprawling interconnected world of diverse locales, home to all kinds of creatures. You’ll start out in one the three main territories: Limsa Lominsa if you chose a Marauder or Arcanist; Ul’dah if you choose a Pugilist, Gladiator, or Thaumaturge; or Gridania if you choose an Archer, Lancer, or Conjurer. These, however, are merely your starting points - you'll be free to travel to all three as you explore the realm.

Limsa Lominsa

The regal docks of Limsa Lominsa are the heart of Eorzea’s naval industry. Home to the wise Arcanists and brutal Marauders, you can also pursue your talents in fishing, blacksmithing, and cookery here.

The surrounding lands of La Noscea boast sweeping clifftop views and idyllic farmsteads, perfect for a chocobo ride. Just be on the look-out for pirates.


The opulent streets of the merchant city of Ul’dah are home to guilds for Gladiators, Pugilists, and Thaumaturges, as well as the arts of weaving, goldsmithing, or mining.

Venture beyond the city walls to explore the burning sands of Thanalan – but beware. The desert can be as deadly as it is beautiful…


The lantern-lit paths of Gridania are where folk and nature exist in harmony. These labyrinthine woods play host to Lancers, Archers, and Conjurers, along with the studies of Botanists and the craftsmanship of Leatherworkers and Carpenters.

Investigate the mysteries of the Black Shroud beyond Gridania’s limits to encounter wonder and peril in equal measure.

An ever-expanding adventure

The information above should have given you a good idea of what to expect from your first foray into the world of Final Fantasy XIV Online, but it's just the beginning. With each expansion the world continues to grow, offering new places to visit, treasures to be sought, and adventures to be embarked upon.

It’s an enormous adventure, but it's yours to take at your own pace. Whether you wish to map every corner of the continent, collect the very greatest treasures in the land, or merely join friends for the occasional daring quest.


Starter Edition

  • 30-day free play period*
  • Includes 3 award-winning titles:
  • [Base Game] A Realm Reborn
  • [Expansion Pack] Heavensward
  • [Expansion Pack] Stormblood

PS5 Upgrade Edition


    Complete Edition

    • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
    • [Expansion Pack] Heavensward
    • [Expansion Pack] Stormblood
    • [Expansion Pack] Shadowbringers
    • [Expansion Pack] Endwalker
    • [Expansion Pack] Dawntrail
    • 30-day free play period*

    Complete Collector’s Ed.

    • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
    • [Expansion Pack] Heavensward
    • [Expansion Pack] Stormblood
    • [Expansion Pack] Shadowbringers
    • [Expansion Pack] Endwalker
    • [Expansion Pack] Dawntrail
    • 30-day free play period*
    • All Collector's Edition bonus items

    Free Trial

    • Play free up to level 70
    • Unlimited play time
    • Includes 3 award-winning titles:
    • [Base Game] Starter Edition
    • [Expansion Pack] Heavensward
    • [Expansion Pack] Stormblood
    • Some restrictions apply