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Sponsored Sessions

Production Pipelines for HDR and Wide Color Assets

Date: Thursday, 22nd March 
Time: 10:00am-11:00am
Location: Room 3009, West Hall
Speakers: Robin Green (Staff Developer Support Engineer SIEA), Hajime Uchimura (Engineer, Polyphony Digital Inc.)
Topic: Programming, Visual Arts

Synopsis: How do you retool your content creation pipeline for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) assets? PlayStation® invites you to learn about producing titles targeting both HDTV (Rec.709) and HDR (Rec.2100) from the same set of assets. Topics including color management, HDR display technologies, avoiding "destructive editing", plus a presentation from Polyphony Digital on how they went 100% HDR and Wide Color for GTSPORT. Aimed at Art Leads and Tools & Engine Programmers this talk will help your team build for HDR production, editing, packaging and QA. By taking the best tools & ideas from other industries and adapting them, we hope to inspire new solutions tailored to HDR game development.

Takeaway: Attendees will learn about developing for HDR and WCG display, gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and gain practical take-home ideas to advance the production processes in their studios.

Intended Audience: Art Directors, Technical Artists, Tools & Graphics Engine programmers


Fraud in Gaming - Disrupting the Bad in the Good

Date: Wednesday, 21st March 
Time: 2:00-3:00pm
Location: Room 3009, West Hall
Speaker: Lee Gould (Director of Global Fraud Management SIEA)
Topic: Monetization

Synopsis: The presentation is intended to provide insights to the listener on some of the major models of attack in the gaming industry like Credential Stuffing, Account Take Over and Financial and a detailed overview of the various styles of Virtual Currency Abuse. The major part of the presentation then details a prism we have developed within which we look at a given abuse vector and overlay a number of different perspectives like data , attacker personality, product mix, team functions and tool capability and force vs velocity controls. The presentation then focuses on how you would then combine the elements of the prism to develop best practices controls within the Virtual Currency world to control the various types of VC abuse. 

Takeaway: Attendees will gain a better understanding of the priorities and strategies of attackers and fraudsters within the gaming ecosystem, the challenges of protecting a digital gaming environment, and some of the tools and strategies which can be employed to protect that environment.

Intended Audience: Leadership roles, security team specialists, developers or producers of Virtual Currency themed games and anyone who has an interest in stemming fraud in gaming.


PlayStation Visual Arts Service Group: YES! We Did That!

Date: Thursday 22nd March
Time: 2:00pm 2:30pm
Location: Career Theater, North Hall
Speakers:  Mike Mumbauer (Director of Visual Arts Service Groups, PlayStation), Daujenae Harps (Talent Coordinator, Sony Santa Monica), Sarah Farmer (Senior Recruiter, Sony San Diego)
Topic: Visual Arts, Production & Team Management

Synopsis: Would you be interested in working with AAA studios like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio (God of War franchise) or Insomniac, just to name a few? The Visual Arts Service Group is a division of PlayStation’s Product Development team, located in San Diego and Los Angeles that specializes in Animation, Motion Capture, Cinematics, Art and Scanning. Learn more about this forward-thinking, creative group who is constantly pushing the boundaries in art and technology!

Takeaway: Learn about PlayStation’s Visual Arts Service Group, the roles they hire for and what they look for in prospective talent!

Intended Audience: This talk is for anyone interested in the Visual Arts and the impact this group has on the story, character and game visuals.


Final Final Version 02: Adventures in Creative Collaboration

Date: Friday, March 23rd
Time: 11:30am - 12:00pm
Location: Career Theater, North Hall
Sponsor Speakers: Matthew Owca (Manager of Production, Creative, PlayStation), Sean Thomas (Manager of Production, Creative, PlayStation), William Ullman (Senior Producer, PlayStation), Sarah Farmer (Senior Recruiter, Sony San Diego), Daujenae Harps (Talent Coordinator, Sony Santa Monica)
Topic: Production & Team Management, Visual Arts

Synopsis: Of course nobody really has complete control and creative freedom, but what do you do when you have multiple decision makers and stakeholders, each with different points of view? And how then do you navigate that situation to keep a team of equally strong-willed creatives pushing in a single direction towards an understood goal? Join Sony for a fun, engaging conversation about achieving the absolute best creative possible, while also achieving the goals set out by the project’s stakeholders.

Takeaway: Learn some tips, tricks and shared knowledge about bringing out the best in your creative team.

Intended Audience: This talk is for anyone who has an active role in the creative process of a project, from design to project management.


Developing on PS® VR: You Are Not Alone

Date: Wednesday, March 21
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Room 2020, West Hall
Sponsor Speakers: Edwin Hui (Director, Developer Technology Group, Sony Interactive Entertainment America), Carlo Vloet (Graphics Software Engineer, Developer Technology Group , Sony Interactive Entertainment America), Richard Forster (Senior Team Lead, Sony Interactive Entertainment Research & Development West)
Topic: Programming 

Synopsis: Join Sony as they discuss some of the common technical challenges in VR development and how the SIEA Developer Technology Group is armed to help developers every step of the way to overcome them. In addition, they will also have a special treat, as they invite SIE R&D West to come on stage and share some "proof of concepts" and experiments they are conducting with PS VR. This will be an exciting session filled with "real world" technical VR issues with a mix of inspirational innovation that you don't want to miss.

Intended Audience: Programmers

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