The Tomorrow Children

Closed Alpha Test Guide

Hello from The Tomorrow Children team!

Welcome to The Tomorrow Children Closed Alpha Test!

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the game servers and receive feedback from players which we can use to improve the final game. We hope that development of the game will be a collaborative project between us and the players.

In this test, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a small portion of The Tomorrow Children world. As the game is still under development, please be aware that network connections may be unstable, sudden maintenance may be required, and there may still be bugs left in the game. The alpha test is intended for evaluation purposes, and the results will be used to improve the final game. Although you will be able to enjoy the basic gameplay cycle as it will appear in the final game, please be aware that there will be differences in certain aspects of the game at launch.

And with that, we'll see you in the Void!

Alpha Test Dates

November 10, 2014 - November 24, 2014

Recommended Times for Play

12:00 – 3:00 pm PT and 5:00 – 8:00 pm PT

Game Features

Combination of Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Gameplay

A large number of fellow players will gather in town via the Internet. Other players are not usually visible on the screen. However, if someone performs a major action, they will appear in front of you for a brief moment so you can feel their presence. Experience an all-new social experience by working together with other players, dividing up duties, or leaving all that stuff to others and just lazing about.

All for One and One for All

Everything in the town is shared among players. Sharing is one of the key aspects of this game.

When we say things are shared, we mean that items provided by other players, facilities made by them, and resources found by them are all also yours. The reverse is also true: any resources you dig up will be returned to town and open to use by anyone.

To share information, you will need to communicate with other players. However, during the Alpha Test, your only means of communication are gestures and whistling, so you'll have to use trial-and-error to find ways to get your point across.

Tips, Tricks and Other Important Information

Class (job) selection

Though there are no rules in The Tomorrow Children world that say you MUST do this or that, your abilities will be slightly affected by your choice of class. In this test, there are five classes available to you:

  • Citizen: Average abilities in all areas
  • Miner: Skilled at island development and resource transport
  • Engineer: Excels at island development and battling Izverg
  • Radio Officer: Superior stamina and movement make this class ideal for exploration
  • Combatant: Specializes in anti-Izverg combat

Your character's abilities can be enhanced by allocating rank up points to them. Additionally, you will be able to unlock special abilities called PERKS, which will allow you to customize your character even further.

Your Objective

Your objective for The Tomorrow Children alpha is to resurrect human beings from the Void and achieve a certain population level for your town. In order to do so, you must join forces with other players and balance the three primary tasks of running the town, developing islands and repelling monster attacks.

Running the Town

Players begin the game at the center of the town. The town serves as your base and includes various facilities. These include:

  • Town Hall: The facility in the center that can upgrade the town twice by supplying crystals
  • Ministry of Labor: Here you can report how much work you have put in and receive ration coupons for your efforts
  • Tool Depots: Here you can purchase items associated with each of the game's classes using ration coupons
  • Storage Facility: This is where you can drop off the 5 types of resources in the game
  • Craft Machine: Here you can use resources as materials to construct vehicles and town facilities
  • Treadmill Generator: Here you can generate the electricity that the town consumes every day
  • Bus Stop: Here you can board or leave the bus connecting the town with the surrounding islands
  • Rescue Apparatus: Here you can resurrect human beings and increase the town's population by retrieving and placing matroshka dolls inside the device

(From left to right: Rescue Apparatus, Matroshka , and  resurrected human beings)

As you run the town, you will utilize these facilities, add to them, and repair them when they are damaged by Izverg. Developing islands and repelling monster attacks also affect how you run the town.

Developing Islands

Islands will appear around the town at set intervals. Resources critical to running the town like coal and metal can be found on the islands. Travel to islands by building roads or riding in vehicles. Once there, use pickaxes and shovels bought from Tool Depots or the Black Market to dig for resources. Matroshka dolls, essential for resurrecting humanity, are also hidden on islands.

Repelling Monster Attacks

Monsters called Izverg will come to attack the town at set intervals. Prepare yourself for Izverg attacks by building batteries at the Craft Machine and placing them around the town or by arming yourself with weapons such as rocket launchers from Tool Depots or the Black Market. Inside an Izverg's body you will find crystals, another resource essential for town operation. There are four types of Izverg you will encounter in this Closed Alpha Test:

  • Bankrotz - Bipedal walking type
  • Bondi - Flying type
  • Zappta - Spider shaped type
  • Retashi - Izverg with wings