PlayStation Experience 2017

Accessibility Information


PSX Accessibility Information Card

Welcome to the 2017 PlayStation Experience! 

To ensure that our show is accessible to our guests with disabilities, we want to share some important information with you.

ADA Concierge and Help Desks

If you have any questions about accessibility or would like to request reasonable accommodations, please stop by our ADA Concierge near Registration (outside of the exhibition hall) or at any of the four Help Desks (look for the blue light towers inside the exhibition hall).

Accessibility Fast Pass

If you register as a guest with accessibility needs, you will receive an Accessibility Fast Pass sticker. This will entitle you and [one/up to two companions] priority access to certain experiences on the show floor.  Please see the Accessibility Map for the location of Fast Past eligible experiences. 

Waiting in Line

For those exhibits that are not Fast Past eligible, if you have a disability that makes standing in line difficult, please let booth staff know and we will make an effort to accommodate you.  Be sure to also check out the PSX app which may require/allow you to schedule a specific time rather than wait in line. 

Accessible Seating at the PSX Panels

For PSX panels, if you have an Accessibility Fast Pass, our staff will provide you with priority access and direct you to reserved, accessible seating areas (including an area for guests in wheelchairs, and those who need access to ASL and/or live captioning).  Seating in this area will also be provided for [one/up to two of your companions that are needed to assist you].  This reserved seating is first-come, first-served.  [Five minutes after the panel has begun, empty seats in these areas may be made available to all guests.]

ASL Tours/ASL Services

We have arranged two group tours per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) led by PlayStation staff and accompanied by ASL interpreters.  The tours will provide special access to the most popular PSX exhibits.  Please check with the ADA Concierge for the times and meeting location.  Space is limited, so please sign up early.  ASL interpreters on the exhibit floor may be available outside of the tours, but is subject to availability.  PlayStation panels will provide ASL and/or live captioning for our deaf and hard of hearing guests.

[REVERSE SIDE – ACCESSIBILITY MAP with key locations:  ADA Concierge, Help Desks, ADA Restrooms, Fast Past eligible exhibits; ADA entrance to stadium/panel areas.]

Accessibility TIPS (insert for staff badges)

A:              Accommodation – The law requires that we try to reasonably accommodate persons with disabilities, even if it may present modest burdens or changes to the way we normally operate.

C:              Compassion – Be patient and understanding when a person with disabilities is making a request for an accommodation or needs extra attention.  Try to see the issue/challenge from the guest’s point of view.

C:              Companions – When focusing on the needs and requests of persons with disabilities, don’t forget to include and account for their companion(s) and caretaker(s).

E:              Etiquette – Use acceptable language when speaking to, or referring to, persons with disabilities.  Don’t refer to anyone as “handicapped,” “crippled” or “disabled.”  Don’t refer to a person who is blind as “the blind guy.”  These are people and valued members of our community.  Speak to them directly (not to the interpreter or companion) and make good eye contact.

S:              Solutions – Our goal is to find reasonable solutions for accessibility challenges or questions.  If you don’t know the answer, find someone else who can help or contact the ADA Concierge.

S:              Safety – Be on the lookout for any physical or other threats to the safety of our guests with disabilities.  Be sure that any accommodations you propose are safe.