The Tomorrow Children

Beta Manual

Before we begin

Thank you for participating in our open beta test! This beta test is a large scale network test, aimed to load our server and weed out any issues as well as ensuring that how the game performs under a real environment in order to improve the experience before our official launch.

During the test period, there may be times where you may experience connection issue or encounter bugs associated to the game. We apologize in advance, and would like to ask for your understanding.

When an issue occurs widely, we will be sure to post the details on the forums. Please watch for updates.

Should you encounter any issues, please feel free to let us know via posts on the forum and we will follow up at the earliest possible timing.


The below issues have been reported. If you encounter one of these issues, please follow the below steps to continue playing:

  • If the game pauses or freezes on the loading screen after the title boot or when moving towns, please press down the PS button for a few seconds, and reboot the application. 
  • If your transport (bus) does not move from the bus stop for a long time, or an island does not appear for extended period of time, please use the station in the town and transfer to another town. 
  • If at any point you are unable to control your character, please press the OPTIONS button, and return to the title screen via the GAME INFO menu. Pressing continue on the title screen will allow you to reenter the town. If the OPTIONS button does not work, please reboot the title.

What you can play in Open BETA

For the open BETA, you will be able to enjoy parts of the main game. In addition please check out our official website for additional Tips related to the game. 

☆World of The Tomorrow Children

In 1967, our glorious Soviet Union’s scientific research facilities were hard at work on a top-secret project. Alas, it ended in failure...

The equipment that was developed went haywire, with results that no one could have predicted. The whole world was enveloped in a white shell known as the “Void”, formed from the bodies and minds of its people.

The world became a barren, desolate place. It was as though it had rejected life itself. Most living things were destroyed, along with vast swathes of the landscape and human culture. What is more, the fears of those absorbed into the Void manifested themselves as giant monsters known as Izverg, and the few humans who remain now live in constant fear.

Humanity, however, is not without hope. Some of the people who were absorbed into the Void have reappeared on its surface in the form of Matryoshkas. Fortunately, the technology exists to make them human again.

Human ingenuity has also produced Projection Clones, who perform rescue activities inside the Void on behalf of those absorbed into it. It is to these Projection Clones that the task of rebuilding the world has been entrusted...

☆Upon boot

Selecting “New Game” will take you to the tutorial.

The tutorial stage will take you through the basics of “The Tomorrow Children”. Go up the TV screen that can be found on stage, and watch the video for guidance on your next action. You may also review the video again when you are unsure of what to do next.

Upon completion of the tutorial, a station will arise from the Void. Go in, and the you will be directed to the town where you will begin playing.

Once you arrive at the town, you will obtain a residence permit which you could use to build a personal dwelling at a place of your choice.


☆Labor expectations

As a model citizen, you have one important mission; to restore humanity to its former glory. In order to accommodate more humans, you will need to develop the town. However in order to do so, you will need to build more facilities, which also means that you will need to gather more resources. 

Islands will appear periodically on the void surrounding the town. Venture out, search for resources and bring back the resource that were gathered to the town.

The town will also be frequently attacked by monsters called Izvergs. Utilize the numerous weapons that are available to you, and stop them from destroying the town.

Lastly, do not forget to increase the town population! The future of humanity is in your hands.



Constructing a residence

This is a residence that can be built using the residence permit which you obtain upon completion of the tutorial. By pressing right on the direction pad and selecting the residence permit, you will be able to build your personal residence at the place of your choice. However, there is a limit to how many dwellings can be built in town.

Once the town hall is built, throwing in metals will eventually increase the level, which will then increase the building limit. If a player has a residence in the town, you will be granted prioritized access to the town, as well as a right to participate in the town’s election. 

Assessments from the Ministry of Labor

Comrades perform important work, such as mining and construction. All work undertaken by comrades is assessed by the Ministry of Labor.

Visit the Ministry of Labor, and you can receive coupons based on an evaluation of your work so far. These coupons are a form of currency, and have a variety of uses. For example, they can be exchanged for tools at a tool kiosk.

Give your all for the sake of your town!

Collecting Resources

Resources are required in order to build and repair the various facilities and equipment that each town contains. You must head to the islands that appear in the Void, and collect the resources that can be found there. This can be done using various tools, such as the pickaxe.

Bring resources back to town, and deposit them at the Storage Facility. These resources will then become the property of the town, and can be used to build and repair various facilities and equipment.

Be aware that resources will disappear if left in the darkness for too long.

Constructing facilities

In order for your town to develop, various facilities must be constructed. Facilities are crafted at People’s Workbenches.

At a People’s Workbench, choose the building you’d like to construct from the selection available to you, given your current resources. You will be given a puzzle to complete. Once you have completed the puzzle, the building’s signboard will appear. Place this signboard where you’d like the building tob be constructed. 

Town Population

You can increase the town’s population by restoring the Matryoshka Dolls you find dotted around the islands using the Rescue Apparatus. As the town grows, the number of facilities available to you will also increase.



Creatures known as Izverg are dangerous and frequently attack towns and destroy their facilities. You should be prepared to engage them in battle and do your duty in defense of your town. Defeated Izverg will sometimes drop crystals or take the shape of islands which can then be mined for materials.

Repairing Buildings

Approach a building that is in need of repair and press the O Button. Press the directional buttons or move the left stick in the direction indicated by the arrows, and the building will be repaired.


Power Generation

Every facility in your town requires electricity, and most will cease to function if you run out of power. To keep your town running smoothly, you will need to produce electricity using power generators. To produce electricity, approach a Treadmill Generator and press the O Button. Use the R2 Button to control the red line, and try to keep it within the blue frame.

Public Transport

In the town, there are means of transport that are available to everyone.

▼Bus - A network of buses links the towns and islands. In addition to workers, they can be loaded with materials and items.

▼Subway - Travel to other towns via the subway network.



Press and hold the R1 Button to select a gesture from the menu displayed. You will be able to communicate with other Projection Clones in a variety of ways using the gestures available.

You can set specific gestures to use in order to give Praise to other citizens, or to Snub them. The degree to which you Praise and Snub others will be taken into account when the Ministry of Labor evaluate you.


Press the L2 Button to display a First-Person View before pressing the △ Button to report any dubious goings-on to the Administrator.



☆Last comment

What was explained in this short manual is only a snippet of what you can experience with “The Tomorrow Children”. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your experience during this test period. Please feel free to explore and discover your own take on The Tomorrow Children.

-From The Tomorrow Children development team