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  • Established: 2014 
  • Genre: Pop 
  • Band Members: Chase Duddy (producer/songwriter) and Paige Duddy (vocals) 
  • Origin: Los Angeles, California 
  • Social Media 
    • Facebook: XYLO 19.6K Followers 
    • Twitter: @wearexylo 7.4K Followers 
    • Instagram: XYLO 8K Followers 
  • Fun Facts 
    • The name XYLO refers to the license plate of their xylophone-playing grandfather, who customized the license plate in the 1970’s when vanity plates first became available 
    • Paige Duddy had never performed live until her first show in October 2015 Even though Chase and Paige are siblings, they were never in a family band, performed for their parents, or even considered forming a band 
    • The first song the two recorded was for fun when Paige was only 13 years old
    • Until 2014, Paige had never had vocal training