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Watch the Duck

  • Established: 2010 
  • Genre: Soulstep 
  • Band Members: Eddie Smith III (bass), Jesse Rankins (vocals), Jonathan Wells 
  • (keyboard) 
  • Origin: Montgomery, AL 
  • Website: 
  • Social Media 
    • Facebook: Watch the Duck 13.6K Followers 
    • Twitter: @WatchTheDuck 15.6K Followers 
    • Instagram: watchtheduck 13.8K Followers 
  • Fun Facts 
    • Their name comes from a phrase the band uses quite often “Everybody sees the duck traveling smoothly on top of the water but no one sees how hard it’s kicking under it to stay afloat” Watch The Duck has collaborated with T.I., Beyoncé, The Dream, Young Jeezy, and Pharrell Williams, among others 
    • The bands hit single “Poppin’ off” has appeared in the video game Saints Row IV and is available on the PS4