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  • Established: 2014 
  • Genre: Pop 
  • Band Members: Sarah McTaggart, Judah Mccarthey, Michael Panek (Mikepan), and Jon Garcia 
  • Origin: Los Angeles, California 
  • Website: 
  • Social Media 
    • Facebook: TRANSVIOLET 7.6K Followers 
    • Twitter: @TRANSVIOLETBAND 11.3K Followers 
    • Instagram: transviolet 5.2K Followers
  • Fun Facts 
  • Transviolet was born when Sarah lied on a musician networking site that she was located in San Diego (in fact she lived in Grand Cayman) and met Michael. The two decided to work together and brought on Jon to play the drums and Judah the guitar 
  • Each band member has the following celebrity he or she would like to meet: 
    • Sarah – Thom Yorke 
    • Jon – Freddie Mercury 
    • Judah – Ppanky from the Little Rascals 
    • Mikepan – Jesus 
    • Transviolet would most like to emulate the career of Elon Musk