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The Chainsmokers

  • Established: 2012 
  • Genre: EDM/DJ 
  • Band Members: DJ duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall 
  • Origin: New York, NY 
  • Website: 
  • Social Media 
    • Facebook: The Chainsmokers 2.2 MM Followers 
    • Twitter: @TheChainsmokers 207K Followers 
    • Instagram: The Chainsmokers 341K Followers 
  • Fun Facts 
    • The Chainsmokers initially started out by making remixes of indie bands 
    • Their first hit was #Selfie, released for free in December 2013 
    • Andrew and Alex chose the name The Chainsmokers because it seemed clever and the domains were open; Never thought they’d become this big 
    • Alex’s favorite song is Electric Body by A$AP Rocky while Drew’s favorite song is Bandz by Travis Scott 
    • Andrew Taggart was born in 1989 in Portland, ME 
    • Alex Pall was born in 1985 in New York City 
    • Alex’s first concert was Billy Joel and the first CD he owned was Snoop Dogg 
    • Andrew’s first concert was 311 and the first CD he owned was The Offspring