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Smshng Hrts

  • Established: 2012 
  • Genre: R&B 
  • Band Members: Dylan Wiggins (Lead Singer), Jaden Wiggins (Bass), Martin (Drums), 
  • Cole (Guitar), Ali-Khan (DJ) 
  • Origin: Oakland, CA 
  • Social Media 
    • Facebook: Smashing Hearts 717 Followers 
    • Twitter: @smashinghearts 1.6K Followers 
    • Instagram: smashinghearts 5.3K Followers
  • Fun Facts 
    • Smshng Hrts cites Sly & the Family Stone and Daft Punk as the group’s influences 
    • The band describes their sound as “so cosmic”, which is also the name of their new EP 
    • The band’s name originated form playing around with different names and writing them out to see how they looked. They landed on “Smashing Hearts” and decided to take all of the vowels out and liked the look 
    • Dylan and Jade are brothers, while Ali Khan is their cousin 
    • All 5 members went to both middle school and high school together 
    • Dylan and Jaden were previously in a band called Poplyfe that made it onto the TV show America’s Got Talent