The Chainsmokers

  • The Chainsmokers initially started out by making remixes of indie bands
  • Their first hit was #Selfie, released for free in December 2013

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  • The name XYLO refers to the license plate of their xylophone-playing grandfather, who customized the license plate in the 1970’s when vanity plates first became available

Jocelyn Alice

  • Prior to her solo career Jocelyn and bassist Lisa Jacobs performed in the indie soul pop duo Jocelyn & Lisa

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Smshng Hrts
  • Smshng Hrts cites Sly & the Family Stone and Daft Punk as the group’s influences
  • The band describes their sound as “so cosmic”, which is also the name of their new EP


  • Transviolet was born when Sarah lied on a musician networking site that she was located in San Diego (in fact she lived in Grand Cayman) and met Michael. The two decided to work together and brought on Jon to play the drums and Judah the guitar


  • Wimmer and Grumeth were initially solo artists who each resisted the idea of playing with each other, despite the insistence from their shared manager

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  • Lead singer Matthew Iwanusa first gained interest in music when his mom signed him and his sister up for the children’s chorus at the Metropolitan Opera
  • Matthew met lead guitarist Jimmy Carbonetti in high school and began making music together
  • LANco was formed by the chance meeting between Trip Howell and Brandon Lancaster at a music festival when the two were at the same music festival performing with different bands

Yo Gotti

  • Real name is Mario Mims AKA Yo Gotti
  • Began his music career at the age of 14 under the rap name Lil Yo
BJ the Chicago Kid
  • Real name is Bryan James Sledge AKA BJ the Chicago Kid
  • BJ’s vocals were first featured on Kanye’s 2006 high profile single “Impossible” released in promotion for the Mission: Impossible III film

Watch The Duck

  • Their name comes from a phrase the band uses quite often “Everybody sees the duck traveling smoothly on top of the water but no one sees how hard it’s kicking under it to stay afloat”

Ro James

  • Ro found his love for music at a young age in the pews of his father’s church, despite his father only allowing him to listen to Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding and Donnie Hathaway