Patapon™2 Remastered (English Ver.)

Sony Interactive Entertainment

    *This game only supports English.

    The main contents of the game are the same as the ‎PlayStation®Portable version, however the WiFi LAN contents are not included.

    Shipwrecked in a new and strange land the Patapons will depend on you, the Mighty One, to lead them safely through this perilous new adventure. The beat of your mystical war drums will guide your brave tribe through this new land as they come face to face with a deadly new rival tribe, encounter a mysterious and powerful Patapon Hero, and uncover the ruins of Patapolis, an ancient place long spoken of by the Patapons.

    Take advantage of Patapon™2 in native 4K on your PlayStation®4 Pro system with a compatible 4K display, or enjoy it in 1080p resolution on your PlayStation®4 system and an HD display device.

    •Native 4K - Up to 4K resolution on a PS4™Pro and compatible 4K display for the smoothest lines and textures.
    •Rhythm and Action Collide – Master up to six different drumbeats to command the Patapon troops to march, attack, defend, power up, retreat, and use magic. Combine the various chains of drumbeats to address each unique level, leading the Patapons to victory over the enemy forces.
    •Strategic Gaming – Patapon™2 Remastered delivers a strong element of strategy by requiring players to properly customize and build up the Patapon army, arm each soldier with weapons and armor, and position them correctly for battle.
    •Mission Variety – Take part in more than 30 specific missions including hunting, escort, and boss battles, and explore numerous vivid environments along the way. Players will discover and access more than 100 items and weapons throughout the adventure.

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    Patapon™2 Remastered (English Ver.)

      Patapon™2 Remastered (Chinese/Korean Ver.)

        Sony Interactive Entertainment
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