Adventure games with cooking

Full of features and fun

Explore vast and imaginative worlds on a full stomach, cooking meals to boost your abilities in battle and heighten your senses and defences.

Final Fantasy XV

Join Noctis, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucius, on a road trip like no other. Accompanied by three friends, he traverses a world where dazzling science meets mysterious magic. This epic RPG features some of the best-looking food in gaming.

  • Stopping to eat is vital, and party member Ignis learns recipes across the adventure, ensuring he’s prepared for any occasion.
  • With the right ingredients, Ignis can whip up meals like the sumptuous Crown City roast, the satisfying Quillhorn soup, and the suspicious Mystery Meat sushi.
  • All meals provide temporary benefits, including boosts to your attack power, magic prowess and hit points, as well as other buffs and resistances.
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Genshin Impact

Journey across the fantasy world of Teyvat, encountering a diverse cast of characters and facing off against powerful enemies. Your quest is to find a lost sibling – but you won’t go far on an empty stomach, and eating meals will boost your attack, defence and more.

  • Look out for stoves and cooking pots across the land – these come in a variety of styles and can even be crafted by the player.
  • Cooking takes the form of a minigame to determine how successful the dish is – stop the indicator in the orange to achieve a delicious dish with maximum stats.
  • The more you cook a meal, the more proficient you’ll become – until they ultimately cook themselves!
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Monster Hunter: World

Become a hunter and slay all manner of ferocious monsters in a living, breathing ecosystem. Use the lay of the land to gain the upper hand on titanic foes, or team up with up to three friends to hunt, slay and craft together. Just be sure to keep your BBQ spit as close to hand as your blade or bow.

  • As a hunter, you’ll regularly have some raw meat on you – but you need to pull out your portable spit to roast it.
  • Cook the meat until it’s golden brown and you’ll have a perfect, stamina-replenishing steak – essential nourishment after a tough battle.
  • You can also order meals to take into the field from the hub canteen – its chef will prepare platters that boost health, attack, resistances and more.
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Indie cooking games

Uniquely flavoured recipes

Get up close and personal with releases where food and drink tell a story – and you can mess around without your table manners offending anyone.

Nour: Play With Your Food

This experimental marriage of interactive foodstuffs and quirky art delivers exactly what it promises: it lets you play around with food, creating colourful culinary chaos without worrying about the cleaning up.

  • Explore over 20 vignettes and prepare the most delectable dishes within them – before you throw everything all over the place (if you want to).
  • Listen to a reactive soundtrack that adapts to the unconstrained cuisine you’re cooking up.
  • Feel the different textures of your food and each edible’s unique sensations through the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.
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Assume the role of an Indian mother, Venba, who is finding life challenging after moving to Canada in the 1980s. Through cooking traditional meals, you’ll piece together a story about family, love and loss.

  • Each recipe is inspired by India and its culture, and sometimes require several specialist utensils and kitchen appliances to complete.
  • Ordering your actions is important – ingredients need to be added at the right times to ensure the meal isn’t spoiled.
  • Get to know Venba and her family, and the trials they face, through conversations and situations outside the kitchen.
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Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Run a coffee shop in an alternative-universe Seattle where fantastical characters come together to talk through their issues over a cup of their favourite drink. What you serve and how you serve it matters to the story.

  • Humans, elves, orcs and other races are amongst your customers – all of whom have their own tastes, and don’t always know what to order.
  • Experimenting with ingredients can produce special beverages that’ll warm your customers’ hearts and help them find answers they’re searching for.
  • Put your mark on your mochas (and more) with fluid latte art, swirling the foam just right to wow the clientele. 
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Survival cooking games

Cook and eat to stay alive

Take on challenging games where hunger can’t be ignored, and missing a meal could be the difference between exploring and expiring.


Brave this sandbox classic’s testing survival mode where crafting weapons and armour to protect yourself from dangerous mobs is just one part of staying alive. You must also watch your hunger points – if they drop to zero, your health will start to fall.

  • Gather food from the land around you, like apples, potatoes and mushrooms, and either eat them raw (when possible) or combine with other ingredients for nourishing meals.
  • Every foodstuff you find or cook has its own nourishment value – so knowing your steak from your spider eyes matters to your hunger points.
  • Use furnaces, smokers and campfires to cook raw meat and vegetables, adding to their nourishment value and providing you with stats-boosting snacks.
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ARK: Survival Ascended

Awake on a mysterious island in this reimagined take on a survival classic, developed in Unreal Engine 5 to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5. Form a tribe, tame and breed dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, and do whatever you can to stop that stomach from rumbling.

  • Whether you’re using a basic campfire, cooking pot or an industrial grill or cooker, it’s important to work with fresh ingredients – so never let your meat or fish spoil.
  • Raw meat is okay to eat in a pinch – but it won't make you strong enough to build huts, craft weapons and hunt deadly beasts.
  • Adding and mixing ingredients such as vegetables and spices can produce meals like soups, curries and chowders, all of which have their own stat boosts.
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Venture into the realm of Skyrim for the first time or embark on your most recent adventure of many in this DLC-complete Special Edition of the multi-award-winning open-world epic. Living another life in this world comes with many challenges – and keeping a healthy supply of meals is just one of them.

  • Meals don’t only restore your health – they can often provide other benefits, such as status perks and stat boosts. Ingredients vary but a stock of raw meat and salt will get you started.
  • Finding, buying (or stealing!) a means to cook is important. If you have your own home in Skyrim you can install a kitchen area, meaning you’ll always have a space to create your favourites.
  • Cooking can also be used for nefarious means – creating poisoned apples means you can assassinate targets without spilling a drop of blood or attracting unwanted attention.
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Kitchen chaos

Mayhem is on the menu

Whip up a whirlwind of co-op kitchen craziness or mash up monster parts into tomorrow’s special with these offbeat cooking-based titles.

Overcooked!: All You Can Eat

Gather friends and family for those most chaotic co-op cook ‘em up around. All You Can Eat includes all the frenetic fun of the original Overcooked! and its sequel, as well as additional content, offering hundreds of levels across an array of absurd kitchens.

  • Work together to get orders out on time, chopping and cooking as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles and dodging dangers, to get the highest score.
  • Play locally or online, in enhanced 4K visuals – all that tasty content has never looked so good (when it’s not on fire).
  • Enjoy different modes – survival, campaign and practice – and activate assists and accessibility features to ensure as many people as possible can join in.
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Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Play as Mina and Thrash, contestants in the high-stakes Battle Chef Brigade competition, in this fantasy hybrid which merges hack-and-slash combat and platforming with tile-matching cookery gameplay.

  • Immerse yourself in the colourful world of Victusia through vivid illustrations and award-nominated voice acting.
  • Kill monsters to gather fresh ingredients and play a gem-matching puzzle game to create the very finest cuisine, across a range of different game modes.
  • This Deluxe edition also includes the extra helping of Ziggy, the Undead Necromancer Chef, as a playable character.
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Dungeon Munchies

Escape an enormous underground dungeon in this action-RPG where cooking up critter parts is a vital part of progressing. Stay safe, get fed and find a way to get out in this original adventure.

  • Every meal you make from the parts of monsters has different ability perks – use these strategically to succeed in combat encounters.
  • The flora and fauna of this curious subterranean complex aren’t only useful for food – you can fashion new weapons from both animal and plant parts.
  • Meet all manner of strange characters on your journey, from a voodoo lord to members of the so-called fruit revolution. Everyone seems to want something from you – but what will it cost?
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