LOST SPHEAR (Japanese Ver.)


It is said that the moon created the world...
It's been a while since I heard that tale... When mother is still here...

The world has fade away and got reborn numerous times...

I still remember it, even now.
The "Moon" in the picture book...
It's big... cold... beautiful... yet frightening...

Even so, it's just a fairy tale.
The moon won't say or do anything...
That's right, it's like that since long ago...

The Project brought to you by Tokyo RPG Factory and SQUARE ENIX
This is "Lost Sphere" the 2nd SETUNA title. With a fleeting sorrowful story, fascinating characters, active time battle 2.0 as a base, along with extra moving elements for the tactical battles and a high degree of free customization, this game is a neo traditional RPG fused with modern gameplay with the traditional RPG style serving as a foundation for all RPG fans. Players will become the main character Kanata who will use his awakening power of Memory as he goes on an adventure with his friends in order to save the world which is about to get lost with the memory.

~ Story ~
This world is created by memory.
The world will take on its shape as people become the memories of the stars as they live.
Endlessly there will be memories from long ago and momentary memories from the present.
And existence will disappear as the memories got lost.
People call this phenomenon as "Lost".
Things that are lost cannot be restored with human power.
This is supposed to be an unchangeable law of nature in any generation.
However, a boy who is able to use the power of the Memory has appeared in the world.
The boy's name is Kanata.
Will that be a hope for the world, or a new despair?
That is something that no one knows.
However, there is no doubt that Kanata's journey about the memory will give a great impact to the world.

※This product doesn’t contain Traditional Chinese and Korean.

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