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Inside Look: PlayStation 4 Features

Discover all of the amazing connectivity and personalisation features that make PlayStation 4 the destination for the best gaming and entertainment experiences.

PlayStation Network

Set up your user account to connect to PlayStation Network and access the PlayStation 4 system’s robust online features. Customise your account with a unique avatar to share with your friend list. You can also change your profile’s background image and colour scheme with a screenshot from your favourite game, or create your own custom dashboard theme. Use your account on the PS4 system, on the web portal for the PlayStation Store, and with the PlayStation App on your mobile device.

Quick Menu

Press and hold the PS button to bring up the customisable “quick menu.” Here you can access useful settings, such as system notifications, friends list, sound and device settings, Share Play, Spotify music playback settings, power and restart options, and more.

See What's New

See what your friends are playing in What’s New, where you can view their latest shared screenshots, video clips, and unlocked trophies. You can also check out the latest trending Live from PlayStation broadcasts of top games.

Dashboard Menu

The PlayStation 4 home screen is where you’ll see your games and downloaded content, streaming services like YouTube, and Netflix, as well as your online community features like Friends List, Notifications, Communities, and Events. Organise games and other content into custom folders, and customise your home screen with unique themes from the PlayStation Store.

Connect and Socialise

Connect with friends and see their profiles from your Friends List, and “follow” anyone including content creators, game broadcasters, and game developers to see what they are playing and sharing. Send private messages to friends or create group chats to organise game nights. Create Parties and invite friends for group voice and text chat, and join each other’s online games or continue group chat while you all play solo. 

PlayStation Store Logo
Browse PlayStation Store for the latest and greatest digital game content, exclusive pre-order deals, value bundles and sales. Get access to the entire catalogue of PlayStation 4 content including full game releases, indie content, free to play games, free game demos, VR games, and more. Digital games are available day and date at launch, and pre-ordered games can be pre-loaded to your console several days in advance so you can start playing right at launch. PlayStation Store also features frequent game sales and discounts, add-on DLC for your favourite games, avatars and background themes to customise your PS4, and more.

Capture and Share Your Biggest and Best Moments

Use the SHARE button on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to capture and save screenshots and video clips, and share them to your What’s New feed or upload directly to Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and more. Customise the SHARE button settings to take a screenshot with a single button press. You can even share songs and playlists from PlayStation Music to Twitter, or your PSN activities “What’s New” log.

Share Play

Play your favourite games together with your friends wherever they are in the world, even if they don’t own a copy of the game. Share Play* lets any friend who owns a PS4 console watch you play, take over the controls to try the game for themselves, and even jump into a local multiplayer game and play coop or versus with you as the second player. Just press and hold the SHARE button and pick “Start Share Play.”

*PlayStation Plus may be required for both parties.

Share Play - PS4

Live from PlayStation Streaming

Watch live streams from many of your favourite games, or stream your own gaming exploits, with Live From PlayStation. View trending PS4 livestreams, search for your favourite game, and view the latest uploaded video clips and screenshots from the global community.

Family Settings and Parental Controls

Set up parental controls and choose whether children can use online features, set restrictions to prevent access to mature content, set time limits for hours of gameplay per day, and set spending restrictions for PlayStation Store digital content. Update settings and give gameplay time extensions via the online portal and through the PlayStation App.

Shadow of the Colossus HDR image
PlayStation VR

PlayStation App for Mobile Devices

Browse the PS Store for games, DLC and push downloads to your PS4 from anywhere. You can also check notifications and friends’ What’s New status updates, and even read and send messages to your gaming crew with the PlayStation App and suite.

PlayStation App for Mobile Devices - PS4

Remote Play

Stream selected games to your PC, Mac, or PlayStation Vita over your home WiFi network. With the Remote Play app for PC and Mac, you can stream your favourite PS4 games to your laptop or desktop computer. Just plug a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller into any USB port on your computer, and your PS4 home screen and games can be streamed over your home WiFi network.

God of War screen - PS4

Extended Storage

Expand your game library with an external hard drive, and back up your save data files with PlayStation Plus cloud saves. The PlayStation 4 supports external storage devices via USB 3.0, giving you more storage capacity for your digital game collection. USB storage devices up to 8TB can be used, giving an incredible amount of space to save and organise your games. In addition, with a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can utilize cloud storage to automatically back up your save data for your games.

Data Transfer

Use the Data Transfer function to easily copy all your data - including game saves, personal settings, and downloaded content – between your existing console and a new console. All you’ll need is a wired networking cable, your home router, and access to the internet.

Power Save

Set the time until the PS4 automatically turns off when left idle, and set how long USB ports are still active in Rest Mode to charge your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller for your next gaming session. Use these settings to also enable remote turn-on in order to queue game downloads from the PlayStation App on your mobile device.

Supersampling Mode

Even without a 4KTV, PS4 Pro owners can enjoy enhanced visuals with Supersampling Mode. This mode allows games to render at a higher resolution and then downscale to 1080p, providing a boost in image clarity, even if the game does not offer a native “PS4 Pro Enhanced” mode. Please note that certain games’ image clarity may not improve with this feature.

Firmware Updates

Keep your PlayStation 4 updated to the latest firmware version in order to take advantage of the latest and greatest feature additions and updates, and to enjoy all of the online features and multiplayer capabilities of your games. In the System settings, you can also turn on automatic downloads and installs for new system software updates.

DualShock 4 controllers

Instantly Entertaining

Something new and amazing is always in reach. Find what you’re looking for and get it at the touch of a button.

*Additional subscription fees may apply.
PlayStation Music
Millions of songs on demand with Spotify. Stream Spotify to listen to music on your PS4 console while playing games. With Spotify Connect, you can change your music without pausing your gameplay.