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The Last of Us™ Part II Limited Edition Wireless Headset

Presented in a Steel Black matte finish with crimson inner ear cups, this wireless headset features Ellie’s iconic fern tattoo and the game’s logo.


Gold Wireless Headset - Rose Gold Edition - Product Image
Wireless Headset

Rose Gold Edition

Fortnite Neo Versa Gold Headset Box Shots

Wireless Headset-3D Surround Audio

The Wireless Headset-3D Surround Audio redefines premium gaming audio by creating an incredibly rich and detailed soundstage for your virtual world, faithfully delivering everything from the whisper of ghosts to the thunder of guns in stunning 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound powered by revolutionary 3D Audio technology.


Wireless Headset

The new Wireless Headset was designed to deliver enhanced comfort and performance while maintaining the amazing gaming audio experience you’ve come to love. 

Gold Wireless Headset - Black Product Shot
Gold Wireless Headset - White Product Shot