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With PlayStation’s loyalty program, complete campaigns to earn limited release digital collectibles or points.* Available on PlayStation App on mobile.

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Get more from play™

With PlayStation’s loyalty program, complete campaigns to earn limited release digital collectibles or points.* Available on PlayStation App on mobile.

*Terms apply

PlayStation Stars is currently experiencing issues. Our engineers are aware of the issue and we are working on a solution.

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We have updated PlayStation Stars Terms of Service.

Please be aware that if you want to see your PlayStation Stars status, you need to acknowledge and agree first.

What is PlayStation Stars?

By joining PlayStation Stars, you can use your gaming skills to collect unique digital collectibles and earn rewards. Complete campaigns, earn points and show off your collectibles in a digital display case on PlayStation App as a way of celebrating your love of play and PlayStation experiences.

Enjoy exclusive PlayStation Stars benefits with PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus members who also join PlayStation Stars will earn points with every eligible purchase made on PlayStation Store. The points you earn can be exchanged for PSN wallet funds to save or use for your next PS Store purchase, exclusive digital collectibles for your PlayStation App display case, and more. Items available will vary. 

How to join PlayStation Stars

1. Sign up

Sign in with your account for PSN and become a member.*

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*Some players may be put on a PlayStation Stars waitlist for up to two months

2. Get the app

Download the PlayStation App to your iOS or Android device.

3. Start a PlayStation Stars campaign

Complete campaigns to earn rare digital collectibles. From monthly challenges to game-specific objectives, there are campaigns for every type of gamer to start filling their display case.

What can you earn with PlayStation Stars?

Digital Collectibles

Earn limited-edition digital collectibles inspired by your favourite PlayStation games, characters and nostalgic memorabilia from the last 25 years, then showcase them in your digital display case on PlayStation App.


Earn points that can be redeemed for digital collectibles, games or digital wallet funds in your PlayStation Stars rewards catalogue. Items available may vary.

How to earn PlayStation Stars points and collectibles

Complete monthly campaigns

Take part in activities and challenges laid down for the PlayStation community, such as in-game activities, online tournaments or exploring your console features.

Complete custom campaigns

Unlock collectibles by completing custom campaigns designed just for you, based on the games you like to play.

Shop in PlayStation Store

PlayStation Plus members earn points for eligible purchases on PlayStation Store, such as games and add-ons. Points can then be exchanged for rare digital collectibles or redeemed for PSN wallet funds.

Level-up your PlayStation Stars status

When joining PlayStation Stars, members begin at Level 1. Level up to unlock new campaigns and rewards.

Level 1
  • Milestones: Joined PlayStation Stars, started playing and completing campaigns.
  • Benefits: Get access to digital collectibles by completing campaigns. Receive a celebration collectible.
Level 2
  • Milestones: Bought one full game from PlayStation Store, earned one uncommon trophy.
  • Benefits: Receive a Level 2 celebration collectible and access to all collectibles from Level 1.
Level 3
  • Milestones: Bought two full games from PlayStation Store, earned 32 uncommon trophies.
  • Benefits: Receive a Level 3 celebration collectible and a birthday collectible.
Level 4
  • Milestones: Bought four full games from PlayStation Store, earned 128 uncommon trophies.
  • Benefits: Receive a Level 4 celebration collectible, birthday collectible, PSN anniversary collectible and chat priority routing.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, PlayStation Stars has now returned across all regions where PlayStation Stars is available. Please quit and re-open PS App if you do not see the PlayStation Stars experience and are in an eligible country/region.

PlayStation Plus members who belong to PlayStation Stars have continued to earn Points for PS Store purchases during this time, including during Days of Play.

Yes, any unused Points you earned before PlayStation Stars was unavailable are included in your Points balance, subject to the PlayStation Stars Terms of Service. You can review your current Points balance on the PlayStation Stars home screen.

Yes, you can continue to view all your Digital Collectibles in the “Collectibles” tab. You may see a different scene in your Display Case, which you can change by tapping the Display Case from the PlayStation Stars home screen and then “Scenes.”

Yes, your activity (Full Game purchases from PlayStation Store and uncommon (Rare and Above) trophies earned) while PlayStation Stars was unavailable count toward your Level progress.

Yes, simply tap on the “Rewards” tab and you’ll see the “Community Challenge | Days of Play 2024” Digital Collectible available for 0 Points. Tap on the Digital Collectible, “Redeem,” and then confirm your redemption to receive it.

As Days of Play is over, the Campaigns specific to Days of Play are no longer active. The Days of Play scene for your Display Case is still available, should you select it.

Only adults with an adult account for PlayStation™Network registered to a country/region where the program is available can join. Membership and rewards cannot be shared or transferred. For the full terms click here.

PlayStation Stars is free to join. PlayStation Stars will run periodic campaigns - make sure your account settings are 'opted-in' to receive marketing messages about upcoming campaigns. To check your account setting go to: Then sign-in under your sign-in ID (email address) and select [Notifications]. Terms apply.

You can join via either PlayStation App or Just click the option to join and then review and accept the PlayStation Stars terms.

By evaluating feedback, continuing to improve the experience, iterating quickly, and continuously adding new members on a rolling basis, we will be able to ensure our members have an optimized experience with PlayStation Stars. If you were randomly put on the waitlist, you will be given access to PlayStation Stars within or about two months from signing up.

All waitlisted accounts will gain access to PlayStation Stars in about two months from their registration date.

We will send you an email when you have access to PlayStation Stars. Make sure you can receive notifications about campaigns by going to PlayStation App settings, selecting [Account Information] > [Notifications], and turning on the available settings.

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Currently, the full PlayStation Stars experience – including your personalized campaigns, reward catalogue, and status level – is viewable exclusively through PlayStation App.

If you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription and are a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita user, then you can still join PlayStation Stars but you will only be able to earn points when making purchases in the PlayStation Store on your console. You won’t be able to level up your status with full game purchases on PlayStation Store using these consoles or be supported in any other way.   For the full experience with PlayStation Stars you need to use a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console.

No. You only need an adult PlayStation Network account registered to a country/region where the program is available and accept the PlayStation Stars Terms. For details on how to sign up, click here. Note: you may need a PlayStation Plus subscription to complete certain campaigns.

Depending on the campaigns you complete, you can earn points or digital collectibles. Points can be redeemed for rewards which may include digital collectibles, games or PSN wallet funds.

The primary way to earn rewards is by completing campaigns. Additionally, PlayStation Plus subscribers earn points on eligible PlayStation Store purchases.

In PlayStation Stars, a campaign is a set of objectives that you can complete to earn a specified reward. Depending on the objective(s) involved, the reward may be either a digital collectible or points. 

To find your full list of currently available campaigns, check the PlayStation Stars hub on PlayStation App. Campaign offerings rotate frequently.

You may need a PlayStation Plus subscription to complete certain campaigns and some campaigns offer exclusive rewards for PlayStation Plus subscribers when completed.

Campaigns will have a wide range of activities: exploring overlooked game areas, playing with friends, competing in global tournaments, mastering new console features, and knowledge-testing puzzles, among others (PS3 only streaming games excluded).

You need to be signed into your PlayStation Network account on your console at the time of participation in a campaign, so make sure you’re logged into your account for PlayStation Network where you joined PlayStation Stars before you start a campaign and remain signed in at the time of your participation and completion. 

Sending you a campaign may depend on several reasons including the type of console you have, your game ownership and completion, feature usage, and the availability of certain game titles in your country/region. 

Digital collectibles are hand-crafted digital objects that commemorate your journey with PlayStation, from the friends you’ve made to the worlds you’ve conquered.

You can curate your digital collectibles shown in your display case in PlayStation App.

You can earn digital collectibles by accomplishing objectives tied to PlayStation Stars campaigns, levelling up in your PlayStation Stars status, or using points in the PlayStation Stars Rewards catalogue to redeem for digital collectibles. Digital collectibles have differing levels of rarity and can be displayed for others to see in the display case tied to your PlayStation Network account.

Digital collectibles you own can be arranged in your display case in PlayStation App. You have the option of sharing your display of digital collectibles with other PlayStation Network adult users in your privacy settings.

A digital collectible's rarity is shown on the campaign details screen and the collectible’s details page.

There are two ways to earn points in PlayStation Stars:

  1. Complete a points-earning campaign 
  2. Subscribe to PlayStation Plus* and earn points for eligible purchases on PlayStation Store. 

PlayStation Plus terms apply.

View your points balance under your player profile within PlayStation App.

Points can be redeemed by accessing your Rewards Catalogue on PlayStation App > Player Profile > PlayStation Stars > Rewards Catalogue.

Points can be redeemed in your Rewards Catalogue for available items in your reward catalogue that may include items such as digital collectibles, select game titles, or PSN wallet funds.

Yes. Points earned will expire at the end of the month plus 24 months from the date on which they appear in your PlayStation Stars account balance.

No, you cannot give away or transfer points.

Points earned will appear in your account shortly after completing the associated purchase for PlayStation Plus subscribers or completing a points-earning campaign. Check your account points History for details.

Check your account points History. If there is still an issue you can contact customer service.

Reward Catalogue items may vary based on factors such as games already owned and regional title availability. 

Yes, you earn points on PlayStation Store purchases if you have (1) an active PlayStation Plus membership (applies for both paid or trial memberships) and (2) an active PlayStation Stars membership prior to your purchase. Points are yours to keep even if you cancel your PlayStation Plus 

If you are a PlayStation Stars member and a PlayStation Plus subscriber at the time of your purchase, you are eligible to earn points in PlayStation Stars for purchases on PlayStation Store (other than purchases of PSN Wallet top-ups) including each subscription payment for your continued PlayStation Plus subscription. 

Yes. Purchases excluded from earning points include adding funds to your PSN Wallet via PlayStation Store and any purchase not made on PlayStation Store including the following: those made from, or similar URLs, and any purchases of physical discs, consoles, accessories, PlayStation Gift Cards or other physical items.

You need to be signed into your account for PlayStation Network at the time of your purchase on PlayStation Store; make sure you’re logged into the account for PlayStation Network you used to join PlayStation Stars, before you make your purchase. If you think there has been a problem applying points to your account, please contact us here

Once you redeem a reward with points, in some countries and/or regions, you have time to change your mind, cancel your purchase and get a refund. However, if you consent to immediate delivery of the digital content (such as a digital collectible) or immediate supply of the service, we can provide them immediately to you and limit your right to cancel those orders provided we explain to you how that affects your cancellation rights. Because most of our customers want to use their purchases straight away, we design our purchase flows to get your consent to immediate delivery of digital content and services and we provide you with clear information about how that affects your cancellation rights. So, unless your purchase is faulty, or you have other rights to cancel your order under applicable local laws, when you redeem your points with us you will not be able to change your mind and cancel your purchase once you begin to download the content or add credit to the PSN Wallet.

Your status level reflects milestones reached in PlayStation Stars based on the number rare and above trophies earned for gameplay as well as full game purchases from the PlayStation Store. The higher your level is, the more perks and benefits you can get. 

You can increase your status level by earning a set number of Rare and Above Trophies and purchasing a set number of Full Games from the PlayStation Store within any calendar year (January 1 to December 31). See below for details:

Level 1 Entry level
Level 2 Purchase one Full Game from PlayStation Store and earn one Rare and Above Trophy.
Level 3 Purchase two Full Games from PlayStation Store and earn 32 Rare And Above Trophies.
Level 4 Purchase four Full Games from PlayStation Store and earn 128 Rare And Above Trophies.

Note that Full Game purchases and Trophies earned during a calendar year are not carried over to the next calendar year for purposes of determining your status level in that next calendar year.

‘Full Game(s)’ means a paid for digital game purchased and downloaded from PlayStation Store and classified as ‘full game’ or ‘premium edition’ on the game page. It excludes free games, games for $0.00 or equivalent, free trials of games, games included in PlayStation Plus for subscribers, demos, DLC, add-ons or any other purchase from PlayStation Store.  Bundles that include one game or more, or bundles that include a game and upgrades, other versions, add-ons, DLC, avatars or other items will count as one ‘Full Game’. All other bundles that do not include one game will not count as a ‘Full Game’.

‘Rare and Above Trophy and Trophies’ include those trophies with rarity values of rare, very rare and ultra-rare at the time of earning and can be from any game you already own. Learn more about trophy setting here

Status levels benefits

Benefits Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Celebration collectible
Birthday collectible
PSN anniversary collectible
Premier support      

*Subject to availability

Level 4 Members in select countries will have the added benefit of Priority routing to our chat support team

Note: PlayStation Stars Premier Support cannot guarantee wait times. All support benefits are subject to availability.

Once you attain a status level, your status level is valid for the remainder of the calendar year plus 13 months. For example, if a member earned status Level 2 in October 2022, their Level 2 status would remain valid through that current calendar year and continue for the next 13 months until January 31, 2024. 

You can view your membership status level on PlayStation App and when logged into your account on

You can cancel your PlayStation Stars membership on PlayStation App under your PlayStation Stars account or by closing your PlayStation Network account.

If you cancel your PlayStation Stars membership, you will lose access to your PlayStation Stars membership including access to points and benefits, and your earned points and status level will expire based on their expiration date. If you re-enroll, any activity during your cancelled membership period will not get credited to your account.

Digital collectibles and items redeemed with points from the PlayStation Stars rewards catalogue are yours to keep even if you cancel your PlayStation Stars membership. You can access your collectibles and display case on PlayStation App.

If you breach the PlayStation Stars Terms or the PSN Terms of Service, we may take various actions including permanently or temporarily suspending your PlayStation Network Account which may affect your access to PlayStation Stars. If we suspend your PlayStation Network Account, you will not be able to earn collectibles or points, redeem points and/or access or make use of any other PlayStation Stars additional benefits for the time of the suspension. If we suspend your PlayStation Network Account permanently, you will cease to be a PlayStation Stars Member and you will lose all points, collectibles and additional benefits accrued to your PlayStation Stars account.

Please see PlayStation Stars Terms of Service for more information.