How to resolve issues after changing your PlayStation™Network online ID

How to resolve issues after changing your PlayStation™Network online ID

Find out how to resolve technical issues, such as lost data or hidden trophies, caused by an online ID change.

Before changing your online ID, there are some things to consider:

  1. PS4 games may experience issues after an online ID change. 
  2. A list of PS4 games tested with the online ID change feature can be found here*. 
  3. Your new online ID must comply with our Terms of Service, including the Community Code of Conduct
  4. PS3, PS Vita and PS/TV games and apps do not support the online ID change feature. 
  5. If you experience technical issues, you can revert back to your original online ID for free by following the steps below. Reverting to your previous online ID should resolve most issues caused by the ID change. 
  6. Online IDs can't be changed for child accounts. 

*Some games that have no known issues identified on the list may still experience issues if you change your online ID.

If you're experiencing issues after changing your online ID

When changing an online ID you may experience issues with some games, such as lost game progress. If you are experiencing issues after an online ID change, please contact our support team to change back to your previous online ID.

Changing back to your previous online ID is free and should resolve most issues. However, this may not fix all issues (for example, you may not recover lost content, progress, and functionality). We recommend that if you want to change back to a previous online ID, do so as soon as possible, because it may affect content, game progress, and functionality associated with your new online ID.

Recover your account if your online ID changes without your permission

If you find that your online ID has changed, or that you can't sign in to your account, please attempt to change your account and email passwords, and see the Compromised account guide below. 

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