Competitive first-person shooters

Aim for victory

From sprawling battle royales to 100-player skirmishes, these multiplayer shooters will test your skills, reflexes and teamwork.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Team up with your friends and drop into a massive firefight where you'll battle to be the last squad standing, in Call of Duty’s massive free-to-play battle royale experience.

  • Hot-drop into a growing number of expansive maps, including Al Mazrah, a massive metropolitan area; Ashika Island, a small-scale Japanese-themed island map; Vondel, a European-themed map and Urzikstan, an urban area packed with familiar environments.

  • Join a growing global community and experience new weapons, maps, equipment, modes and events, with more content added every season to keep you coming back.

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Apex Legends

From the creator of Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes a sci-fi-flavored blend of hero shooter and battle royale starring a growing roster of legendary characters and frantic, strategic squad play.

  • Battle for fame and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier across a diverse collection of maps as you and your fellow Legends fight to be the last ones standing.

  • Master your Legend’s unique abilities and coordinate with teammates to discover new weapons, equipment and tactical possibilities.

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Battle for fortune and glory in this destruction-driven, free-to-play team shooter where you and your fellow contestants compete to reach THE FINALS.

  • Embrace the tactical freedom of gadgets; get the drop on your enemies with well-placed ziplines, reach new heights with jump pads and cover huge distances with a grappling hook. 

  • Reshape each map to your advantage as realistic destruction physics wreck cover, level buildings and transform the battlefield around you in real time.

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Hell Let Loose

This hardcore World War II-set shooter features large-scale, 100-player battles between armies of infantry, tanks and artillery.

  • Choose from one of 14 roles available within the Command, Infantry, Recon and Armor units and charge into brutal, bloody and historically accurate 50-on-50 battles.

  • Work as a team as you mobilise across massive to-scale maps, recreated by utilising aerial and satellite imagery of real battle locations, in emergent and constantly evolving tactical warfare.

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Co-op first-person shooters

Lend a helping gun

Teamwork makes the dream work, whether you're using your combined might to eliminate human opposition or exploring far-flung worlds and creating unforgettable stories together. 

Overwatch 2

Join the fight for the future in a colorful and ever-evolving 5v5 shooter with a cast of over 30 unique heroes.

  • Find your unique role on each team as you choose between Tank, Damage and Support heroes. Synergise your game-changing ultimate abilities with your teammates to dominate your rivals.

  • Immerse yourself in Overwatch’s captivating, lore-rich universe as you uncover conflicts and alliances across in-match voice lines, cinematics, comics and Invasion Story Missions.

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Embrace a world of tactical possibilities in an elite, realistic team shooter that demands superior planning and precision execution.

  • Choose between dozens of highly trained Operators as you defend or breach a stronghold in casual and ranked 5v5 matches.

  • Coordinate with your teammates to locate and neutralize opponents. Breach ceilings and floors to create new access points in intense close-quarters, gadget-driven combat.

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Destiny 2

Part shooter, part online RPG, Bungie’s free-to-play sci-fi spectacular combines best-in-genre gunplay with an ever-expanding, solar system-spanning storyline.

  • Choose your powerful Guardian, join a fireteam and participate in thrilling co-op missions, Strikes and raids to earn new weapons and gear.

  • Lose yourself in an expansive sci-fi saga that offers hundreds of hours' play, deep lore, memorable allies and enemies, and multiple planets to explore.

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Borderlands 3

Shoot and loot your way across a hilarious, mayhem-fueled adventure, taking down a deranged intergalactic cult with up to three fellow Vault Hunters.

  • Blast your foes to bits with over a billion different deranged guns at your disposal. From weapons that never need to be reloaded, to guns that grow legs and pursue enemies on foot, no two weapons are ever alike.

  • Play as one of four Vault Hunters and tweak their distinct abilities to suit your preferred playstyle, with level progress and loot that transfers seamlessly across both online and offline co-op.

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Story-driven first-person shooters

Campaigns of carnage

These shooters combine thrilling action with deep stories, rich characters and bucketloads of suspense.

Resident Evil Village

Survival horror meets high action when Ethan Winters is dragged into a new world of terror. Can you rescue his daughter from a village controlled by four demented lords?

  • Explore every corner of Castle Dimitrescu and the surrounding village as you unearth dark secrets, solve puzzles and battle the horrifying locals.
  • Immerse yourself in the story with PS VR2 support for the full campaign, including fully adapted controls for the PS VR2 Sense controllers.
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Uncover the mysteries of Blackreef as an assassin trapped in a time loop who must do what he does best to escape the island.

  • Master the loop and use it to your advantage, deciphering clues, studying enemy movements and discovering new strategies to take out your targets before the day resets.

  • Engage in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with other players who invade your game as Julianna, a rival assassin determined to thwart your efforts.

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DOOM Eternal

Become the iconic Doom Slayer and rip and tear through the forces of Hell to save humanity from extinction.

  • Utilise three different methods of dispatching your enemies to earn health, armor and ammo and maintain your combat flow.

  • Cross dimensions to find and defeat the Hell Priests, discover the truth behind the Doom Slayer’s origins and halt Hell's invasion of Earth in a thrilling single-player campaign.

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Metro Exodus

Scavenge your way across post-apocalyptic Russian wastelands and keep a watchful eye on your Geiger counter as you immerse yourself in a high-stakes story of hope and survival.

  • A branching narrative provides difficult moral choices, with permanent consequences for your comrades and multiple possible endings.

  • Hunt for resources across vast sandbox environments to craft supplies and weaponry, and customise your equipment for deadly combat and stealth encounters.

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Open-world first-person shooters

Discovery and destruction

Explore and explode your way across vast environments, from zombie-infested cities to lush alien planets.

Dead Island 2

Survive the undead apocalypse in sunny Hell-A in an extreme zombie-slaying RPG.

  • Slash, burn and rip through the horde with a gruesome dismemberment system that realistically reacts to every blow from your improvised weaponry.
  • Become the star of a macabre adventure as you soak up the blood and sunshine across iconic LA locations and take on quests from eccentric survivors.
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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Embark on a journey across the Western Frontier of Pandora to discover what it truly means to be a Na’vi.

  • Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Pandora, flying atop your personal banshee through lush forests and towering mountains as you uncover its secrets.
  • Combine the traditional weaponry of the Na’vi with the skills of your human training, utilizing a bow, spear-thrower, assault rifles, shotguns and more.
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Far Cry 6 

Lead a revolution in an adrenaline-fueled action adventure set in a tropical paradise torn apart by tyranny and oppression.

  • Create inventive resolver weapons using everything from sardine cans to CDs and harness the awesome power of Supremo Backpacks to become a one-person army.

  • Team up with a fellow rebel at any point in the campaign in online two-player co-op and liberate Yara together.

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Free run across the rooftops of the last city on Earth as you search for your sister in a cruel world overrun with zombies and hostile surivors.

  • Master the art of free running to escape the swarms of infected and explore every inch of the vast metropolis for loot.

  • Fluid combat combines parkour-based athleticism with crunching melee attacks and satisfying gunplay. 

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Retro first-person shooters

Bring out the big guns

Affectionately known as ‘boomer shooters’, these lo-fi gems take their inspiration from the classics.


Old and new collide as the complex maps, frenetic action and obscure secrets that characterised FPS classics meet a modern game engine, complete with a grisly dismemberment system.

  • Take apart the monstrous forces of Chaos with a huge arsenal of weapons. Dual wield Shredders, spin up the Minigun and clear crowds with the mighty Arc Rail.
  • Hunt down Prodeus alone or in four-player campaign co-op and battle in 16-player competitive modes, including custom modes created by the community.
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Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

Lead your Space Marine through a pixelated vision of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and unleash your mighty arsenal against the enemies of the Imperium.

  • Purge the heretics with a diverse selection of Space Marine weaponry, from the iconic boltgun and trusty shotgun, to the white-hot meltagun and boss-stopping grav cannon.
  • Shoot and hack your way through treacherous Chaos Space Marines and the minions of the Chaos Gods Tzeentch and Nurgle.
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id Software’s groundbreaking 1996 FPS returns with a host of visual enhancements while keeping its trademark turbo-charged combat fully intact. 

  • Enjoy classic Quake in 4K with widescreen support, enhanced models, dynamic lighting and many more contemporary graphical updates.
  • Includes four expansion packs, including two all-new mission packs from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus creators MachineGames.
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