Your guide to the month ahead on PS4 and PS5, including new releases, in-depth features and expert guides.



Your guide to the month ahead on PS4 and PS5, including new releases, in-depth features and expert guides.

Final Fantasy XVI | 22nd June

The 16th standalone entry in the legendary Final Fantasy series marks a darker turn for the RPG franchise, with a complex tale of revenge, power struggles and unavoidable tragedy. Final Fantasy XVI reimagines the series' iconic summons as deadly creatures are housed within ordinary men and women, who inherit their immense power at birth - whether they like it or not.

Street Fighter 6 | 2nd June

Experience the next evolution of the Street Fighter series, featuring innovative new gameplay features and enhanced visuals for every aspect of the game. Powered by Capcom's proprietary RE ENGINE, the Street Fighter 6 experience spans three distinct game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub.

Diablo IV | 6th June

The legendary action RPG series returns with Diablo IV. This spectacular evolution introduces a vast new world to explore, filled with the promise of never-ending adventure, deadly demons and legendary loot. Discover the corrupted land of Sanctuary as it falls into a new era of darkness. 

Crash Team Rumble | 20th June

Heroes and villains from the Crash universe clash in this wild 4v4 online multiplayer game from Toys for Bob, the same team that brought you Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Select your character from a cast of Crash favourites, then enter the arena, where you and your teammates will compete against four rivals to bank the most Wumpa fruit in your drop-off zone.

F1® 23 | 16th June

Be the last to brake in EA Sports F1® 23, the official video game of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™. Race wheel-to-wheel at new Las Vegas and Qatar circuits and earn rewards and upgrades in F1® World. New red flags add an authentic strategic element, and the 35% Race Distance feature delivers more action and excitement. 

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Your latest monthly games 

These games are available now to download and play* on PS4™ and PS5™, for as long as you’re a member of any PlayStation Plus membership plan.

*PlayStation 4 games can be played on any PS4 or PS5 console. PlayStation 5 games can only be played on a PS5 console

NBA 2K23

Rise to the occasion and realise your full potential in NBA 2K23. Prove yourself against the best players in the world and showcase your talent in MyCAREER or The W. Pair today’s All-Stars with timeless legends in MyTEAM. Build a dynasty of your own as a GM or lead the league in a new direction as the Commissioner in MyNBA. Take on NBA or WNBA teams in PLAY NOW and experience true-to-life gameplay.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Experience an original Jurassic World narrative alongside iconic characters including Dr. Ian Malcolm (voiced by Jeff Goldblum) and Claire Dearing (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard), and lead the efforts to control, conserve and contain wild dinosaurs now rampaging across the USA.

Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi is an ultra-stylised cinematic action-adventure that follows an enthralling story of Hiroki during his fall against the forces of evil. Experience his heroic return to make good on his failed promise to save the people he swore to protect.

Check out a special selection of must-play games hand-picked by PlayStation's in-house experts.

Check out a special selection of must-play games hand-picked by PlayStation's in-house experts.