The best puzzle games on PS4 and PS5 

The numbers have been crunched, extensive notes kept and even a walkthrough or two peeked at to bring you this mathematically proven list.

First-person puzzle games

See the puzzles through your own eyes. Just remember it can often take a shift in perspective to uncover a solution.

The Forgotten City

“The many shall suffer for the sins of the one.” The Golden Rule is about to be broken in this thrilling ancient Roman time-loop mystery.

Unravel the goings on of a cast of colourful characters, exploit the time loop and make morally dubious choices.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you might be able to save it in one. 

Return of the Obra Dinn

Welcome aboard the good ship Obra Dinn. The year is 1807. All the crew are dead, and it’s your job to work out what fate befell them.

Small clues can make a big difference in this striking monochromatic detective puzzler, created by solo developer Lucas Pope. 

The Witness

No two ways about it: The Witness is hard. So hard in fact mathematicians from MIT have published papers trying to prove how hard it is.

But for those up for the challenge, the meticulously designed open-world island is filled with head-scratching puzzles within puzzles.

At the very least, your friends will think you’re smart when they see you’re playing it. 

The Talos Principle

When androids aren’t dreaming of electric sheep, they’re solving increasingly complex puzzles while pondering lofty philosophical questions.

Step into this contradictory world of ancient ruins and advanced technology. Before long you’ll be combining the simple tools at your disposal to solve elaborate logic problems, all the while piecing together an intriguing narrative about the collapse of some distant civilisation.

Atmospheric puzzle games

Lose yourself in the games with strongly themed visuals and sound design that evoke a sense of place.

Manifold Garden

Simultaneously ascend and descend into a gravity defying slice of infinity.

Master the impossible rules of this M.C. Escher-inspired world, solve physics defying puzzles, and marvel at the mind-bending architectural structures.

Abstract, surreal and unmissable. 

Lego Builders' Journey

Block out some time for this joyous geometric puzzler.

Build your own solutions to each level with beautifully rendered LEGO pieces as you follow a surprisingly emotional narrative.

Or tip your digital bits box all over the carpet and enter the Creative Mode that lets your imagination run wild. 

The Gardens Between

Journey through the memories of teenagers Arina and Frendt as they flee the doldrums of suburbia into a series of colourful, dreamlike islands.

As the duo go about this whimsical island hopping, it’s your job to help them solve surreal puzzles made up of objects from the real world, by controlling the flow of time.


Howl is a turn-based tactical folktale set in medieval times. A sinister 'howling plague' has ravaged the land, turning all who hear it into feral beasts.

You play a deaf heroine plunged into danger in search of a cure. Plan up to six steps in advance to outmaneuver your opponents - each of them possessing different abilities and levels of vitality - and work to unlock new abilities by overcoming ever greater adversaries.

Puzzle games for PlayStation VR

You can’t get any closer to the problem-solving action than with PlayStation VR.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Cut the blue wire! Or was it the red wire? This frantic multiplayer party game puts you directly into a classic bomb disposal scene.

Communication skills will be put the test, as one player wearing the PS VR headset must follow instructions from the rest of the group who have the bomb manual but can’t see the device itself. 


You’re strapped to a chair. Both hands encased in a cumbersome device covered in switches, dials, and other…. paraphernalia. What’s more, your actions as you attempt to remove the device are being observed.

Blending tactile controls with intelligent puzzle design and a disconcerting setting, Statik electrifies in a way only possible in virtual reality.  

Puzzling Places

Certainly the most “puzzle” game on this list, Puzzling Places drags the traditional pastime kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Assemble hyper-realistic 3D miniatures of global landmarks, each featuring immersive soundscapes that are guaranteed to help you reach a zen-like flow state.

And best of all, you can take a break without having to find somewhere safe for your unfinished puzzle. 

Ghost Giant

Lonely boy Louis could do with a hand. Good thing you’ve got two giant ghostly palms at the ready to reach into his diorama-style world and make a big difference.

Meet the eccentric residents of the miniature village of Sancourt and use your powers to help them with their many problems in this heartfelt adventure. 

Charming puzzle games

Take on the role of a plucky puzzle solver with a range of fun indie titles with striking protagonists.

Chicory: A Colourful Tale

Paint the town whatever colour you choose in a cosy, heartfelt adventure that meshes creativity and clever puzzle design to tease out a wholesome and timely narrative.

Take up your magical paintbrush and paint your way though a world mysteriously drained of all colour, unlocking mysteries, solving puzzles and restoring hope to the land of Picnic Province.


Carto is an explorer at heart. And it’s a good thing too, as the young, intrepid voyager soon finds herself lost in an unknown land.

Fortunately, Carto’s in possession of a magical map that lets her rearrange pieces of the landscape like a jigsaw puzzle, creating shortcuts and uncovering secrets.

This well-spirited adventure deserves to be put on the map. 

The Pedestrian

Guaranteed to change the way you look at street signs forever, play as the unspoken star of traffic symbols, traversing urban environments by rearranging and reconnecting public signs.

The Pedestrian oozes confidence, with ingenious puzzle platforming that cleverly introduce new game mechanics without ever feeling like it’s holding your hand. 


Solve puzzles by bringing some colour into an otherwise drab and monochrome world as the colour-shifting hero, Hue.

The silky-smooth controls and fast-paced action ensure Hue’s place among the greats in the 2D puzzle platformer genre, but with a vibrant splash of colour to help it stand out from the crowd.