What changed?


We want to let you know that we’ve made some changes to:

·        PSN Terms of Service; and

·        Software Usage Terms.

What’s changed?

We’ve made several changes throughout to improve clarity.  The most notable changes are explained below:

PSN Terms of Service:

·        Clarified our terms relating to PlayStation Store purchases by Child Family Members and how they should interact with us and the PSN community – clause 10 and clause 14.5.2.

·        Updated our Code of Conduct – clause 12.

·        Simplified our terms relating to the PSN Wallet and in-game Virtual Currency – clause 17, clause 20.15 and 20.17.

·        Clarified the circumstances where we may amend the PSN, Products or our Terms – clause 22 and 27.

·        Included more information on when we may take steps to close your PSN account due to inactivity – clause 23.

·        Clarified what might happen if you breach our Terms – clause 24

·        Clarified our liability to you when things go wrong by including references to your statutory warranty rights for faulty goods and circumstances where we have unlimited liability to you – clause 25.

·        Updating our details on how to contact us – clause 30.

Software Usage Terms:

·        Updated our Code of Conduct and the steps we may take if you violate it – clause 10.2.

·        Updated information on when we may update software– clause 16 and 20.