Lightfall is the perfect time to return to Destiny 2

This bold new expansion further refines the Destiny 2 experience, bringing with it a host of exciting features that make Lightfall the perfect place to get back into the ever-evolving action MMO.

Your legend continues, Guardian

What is Lightfall?

Lightfall is an ambitious new expansion that represents the penultimate chapter in Destiny’s epic Light and Dark saga. In this all-new campaign, you’ll take on the might of Calus and the Shadow Legion as you aim to free the neon metropolis of Neomuna from their evil clutches.

Why is Lightfall different?

This is Destiny 2 at its most approachable, boasting a variety of thoughtful additions that complement new quality of life features. Players returning to the Tower will receive a warm welcome, no matter how long it has been since they last played the game.

Warning: Contains spoilers for previous expansions!

It’s easy to pick up where you left off

While each expansion forms part of a larger narrative, they all tell self-contained stories that can be enjoyed without a deep knowledge of the game’s expansive lore. Here’s a quick summary of the events leading up to the game’s latest thrilling chapter


The galaxy’s most wanted criminals—the Barons and Uldren Sov—organised a jailbreak at the Prison of Elders. You and Cayde-6 were dispatched to the prison to restore law and order, but the mission went horribly wrong. Overwhelmed and outgunned, Cayde-6 ended up paying the ultimate price.

Distraught, you headed to the Reef to hunt down the eight Barons and avenge Cayde-6’s death. During this deadly journey, you encountered the Scorn, a new type of Fallen tainted and controlled by an entity called the Darkness. After much struggle and bloodshed, you finally defeated the eight Barons and the evil Uldren, delivering justice once and for all.


As the heroes of the Last City turned their attention to new frontiers, the Darkness summoned new Nightmares from the shadows of the Moon. As the Darkness’s power grew, it resurrected a horde of familiar, deadly threats.

Faced with the return of vanquished villains like Crota and Dominus Ghaul, elite Guardian Eris Morn tasked you with vanquishing this rising terror before it was too late. Following a series of dramatic showdowns, a mysterious entity known as the Witness revealed that it was our salvation, before hinting that the Light may not be powerful enough to stop the Darkness.


A new power was born out of the ancient Pyramid stationed above Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, and a dark empire rose beneath. With the stakes graver than ever, you took down the empire at great cost - even harnessing the deadly power of the Darkness when necessary.

As the Darkness spread, the Guardians found themselves faced with the leader of the Hive: Savathûn, the Witch Queen. With a hard-fought battle seeing her finally trapped, the forces of Light aimed to exorcise her from the galaxy once and for all. Yet, just at the final moment, the Hive leader escaped from her prison.


After the Witch Queen’s great escape, the Guardians went to her Throne World to pursue Savathûn. As you and Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey fought the Witch Queen’s forces, you discovered that Osiris was being impersonated by Savathûn for the past year. Worse yet, your journey through her Throne World yielded another harrowing revelation: the Witness was responsible for all the atrocities attributed to the Darkness.

With the Witness now flanked by a new Disciple in the exiled emperor Calus, the Darkness’s grip on the galaxy only grew tighter. Yet, not all hope was lost. As Osiris awakened from his coma, he revealed that the key to defeating the Witness could be found on Neptune.


In Destiny 2: Lightfall, Guardians venture to Neptune to explore Neomuna, a hidden city where a splinter of humanity has thrived in the aftermath of the Collapse. While the rest of the Solar System has been embroiled in years of bitter conflict, Neomuna has quietly stayed under the radar. Now, however, the Witness has set its sights on Neptune, as the conflicts of the past have finally found their way to Neomuna’s door…

A powerful new subclass

Master the exciting new abilities offered by Strand

In Destiny 2: Lightfall, Guardians can harness the awesome power of Strand, a newly discovered manifestation of the Darkness that is essential to defending the city of Neomuna from the advancing forces of Calus. 

Each Guardian class has devised a unique way to wield Strand’s psychic energy, resulting in three new subclasses that offer exciting new ways to play.

Warlock: Broodweaver

Broodweavers manipulate the deadly power of Strand using their mind. These telekinetic sorcerers can even use Strand to summon sentient creatures or unleash barrages of Strand missiles.

Hunter: Threadrunner

Threadrunners are masters of movement. These agile and acrobatic warriors harness Strand into dart-like projectiles, utilising the Darkness to boost their traversal and transform the terrain into their playground.

Titan: Berserker

The Berserker sees Strand at its most wild and primal. These hulking behemoths transform Strand energy into deadly, blade-like claws, moulding themselves into devastating weapons of war.

Tips for starting out in Lightfall

Looking for advice on where to get started? Try out these tips, direct from Bungie.

Give yourself a boost

Apply armour pieces and mods to boost your stats. There are six traits that can be improved:

  • Mobility: Increases your movement speed and maximum jump height. Ideal for Hunters.
  • Resilience: Reduces the cooldown of your class ability, increases how much damage you can take before dying and increases your shield capacity. Ideal for Titans.
  • Recovery: Increases the speed at which you regain lost health. Ideal for Warlocks. 
  • Discipline: Decreases your grenade cooldown. 
  • Intellect: Decreases your Super cooldown. 
  • Strength: Decreases your melee ability cooldown. 

Equip the Seasonal Artifact

The Seasonal Artifact is your key to unlocking powerful mods for your weapons and armour. Earn XP as you play to get bonuses that increase your Power alongside your armour mods and abilities. You can earn the Artifact by completing the opening mission of the Season.

Play at your own pace

There are a lot of different playstyles and it's easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of Seasonal launches, but don't feel like you have to zip through content. Take your time and find your own playstyle.

Get the app

Download the Destiny Companion app to manage your gear and bounties, find Guardians for your fireteam, and keep track of all the latest news about the game. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall FAQ

With an all-new destination, additional social features, easy-to-follow progression, and a gripping, accessible story, Destiny 2: Lightfall is the perfect place to start your journey, or make your triumphant return.

Each Strand subclass caters to a different playstyle, leaning into the strengths of the three core Guardian classes that are the bedrock of the Destiny experience. Which of those three core classes speaks to your style of gaming most? Hunters gain the deadly and acrobatic Threadrunner, Warlocks get the sorcerer-esque Broodweaver, and Titans benefit from the formidable fury of the Berserker.

Players without PlayStation Plus can play any of the expansion campaigns they have purchased. You’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play anything that requires other players such as strikes, raids, PvP modes, and dungeons.

Thanks to the addition of Guardian Ranks, Destiny 2: Lightfall makes it easier than ever to know what content to do next and how skilled your fireteam is. With new dedicated screens for managing your mods and loadouts, you can now customise your Guardian like never before, swapping out carefully crafted builds for different scenarios with the press of a button.

Most activities in Destiny 2 have a recommended Power level. You can easily boost your Power by collecting new weapons and gear with a higher Power level. Some activities, like strikes, have optional higher difficulty levels. 

Lightfall’s campaign includes an optional Legendary mode. The Legendary mode campaign features harder missions and stronger combatants. But if you can complete it, you’ll be rewarded with even more weapons and gear than usual.

Like all Destiny expansions, Lightfall is built to be just as enjoyable as a standalone adventure. If you are curious about the deeper lore of the world and past stories, you can download Destiny 2 for free and start playing today!

An all-new raid opens on March 10, for those Guardians looking for a serious challenge.

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Standard edition
Lightfall + annual pass

Destiny 2 Lightfall - Standard Edition


  • Lightfall campaign
  • New Strand ability
  • New Neptune location

Destiny 2 Lightfall + Annual Pass


  • Destiny 2 Lightfall Standard Edition
  • New raid
  • Two dungeons released in Season 21 and 23
  • A new Exotic Sparrow
  • Quicksilver Storm catalyst and ornament
  • Season Passes for Season 20, 21, 22, 23.
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