Braid: Anniversary Edition

Thekla, Inc.
Available on
Release date: 30/04/2024

What is Braid: Anniversary Edition?

The classic indie platformer returns with updated audio, visuals and all-new puzzles

Guide Tim on a quest to rescue a princess, where enemies can be defeated by jumping onto their heads, and puzzling platforming challenges await.

Sound familiar? Don't get comfortable, because Braid flips expectations by rewinding time in several different ways across its worlds, presenting players with brain-tickling teasers at every turn. Assemble jigsaw pieces within the worlds to discover the real story of a game that guarantees surprises.

Critically acclaimed, hugely influential and the winner of multiple industry awards, Braid's return in its Anniversary Edition welcomes newcomers and existing fans alike.

Braid: Anniversary Edition key features

Improved graphics and animation

Enjoy updated, hand-painted graphics designed for modern screen resolutions, with nine times as many pixels used on the game's protagonist, Tim. Improved animations and fluid backgrounds give the game the look of a living painting.

Over 15 hours of developer commentary

Play along to commentary drawn from many hours of interviews, analysing the game's design, programming and visual art. This is a great way to learn about how video games are actually made.

A new world of puzzles

As well as the updated original content from 2008's Braid, play through all-new puzzles in levels produced specially for this Anniversary Edition.

Upgraded sound and music

Revised mixes take the game's soundtrack to new highs, while the Anniversary Edition's sound effects have been reworked by Martin Stig Anderson (Control, Inside) and Hans Christian Kock (television's Borgen and Ragnarok). The results are pleasingly moody.

Switch between new and original graphics and sound at the touch of a button

Play with the Anniversary Edition's looks and sounds, or enjoy the original 2008 experience


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