Auto Chess

Dragonest Game
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  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 8 network players
  • PS4 Pro enhanced
Game overview

Implement your team strategy and be the winner of an 8-player battle.

There are more than 70 unique chess pieces in the game. Each chess piece is defined by two characteristics – race and class. Adapt your strategy to dominate the battlefield by collecting and upgrading chess pieces to form various lineups. The possibilities are endless, the only limit is your creativity and imagination. 

Auto Chess can be casual or competitive, it’s all about your personal playstyle. Jump right in and battle players from around the globe!

Key features

Join dedicated eSports tournaments

From global championships to local tournaments with great prizes, Auto Chess provides an unrivalled competitive experience. In the ever-changing eSport environment, adapt your tactics and manage every moment to dominate your opponents.

Cross-platform compatibility

Auto Chess has achieved the dream of bringing console, PC, and mobile players together to play online, anytime and anywhere. Play with your friends from across the globe.

The origin of the auto-battler trend

Auto Chess and its innovative gameplay are co-developed by Dragonest Game Co. Ltd and Drodo Studio and published by Dragonest Game Co., Ltd. Enjoy the original and definitive auto battler gameplay experience.

Latest Auto Chess update

Exclusive surprises starting at launch

PlayStation® Plus members will receive the free chess player Chiyome Mochizuki.

Exclusive accessories will also be available, including:

  • Matryoshka (chess player)
  • Yi Sun-sin (chess player)
  • Goblin Workshop (chessboard)
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