Team shooters for two players

Two's company

Become one half of a deadly duo in online multiplayer co-op adventures built for you and your trusted partner. 

Hunt: Showdown

Partner up with a fellow bounty hunter and track down the monstrous prey that lurks in the swamps of 19th-Century Louisiana. But this co-operative FPS has a twist: other pairs of hunters are also on the prowl.

Sniper Elite 5

Fighting across France during World War II becomes a little less dangerous when you have a fellow sniper watching your six. Play through the entirety of the campaign in online co-op, with the added bonus of being able to share ammo and items, and heal each other when the going gets rough.


When you’re trapped in the shape-shifting alien world of Atropos, who wouldn’t want a helping hand? Control two different time-branched versions of lost astronaut Selene to increase your chances of survival, in this challenging third-person roguelike bullet-hell shooter.

Far Cry 6

Take up arms as a duo to liberate the island of Yara from a brutal dictatorship – and bring hope back to what was once a tropical paradise. This first-person open-world shooter is rife with unpredictable wildlife, customisable firearms and makeshift gadgets to help you both take down Anton’s army.

Team shooters for up to three players

Triple trouble

If two's company, three's a fireteam. This is less about tag-team tactics and more about knowing your role. 


Play as a band of mercenaries gifted with superpowers in this co-op third-person role-playing shooter. Combine your extraordinary abilities to even the overwhelming odds that face you on the hostile planet Enoch.

Apex Legends

Aim to be the last Legends standing in a free-to-play, 60-player battle royale FPS from the creators of Titanfall. Arena mode dials up the competition with a round-based 3-v-3 mode to truly test your team's abilities.

Remnant II

Vengeful gods and vicious monsters await in this rip-roaring action RPG, so it makes sense to bring a couple of courageous friends along for the procedurally generated ride. Pick from 11 hero archetypes and combine their unique skills to team up and take down evil forces hell-bent on humanity’s extinction.

Dead Island 2

Shoot, slash and slay your way through zombie-infested HELL-A. Pulpy first-person open-world action is at its brutal best with a couple of pals by your side and a lot of wild weaponry at hand. You’ll have the time of your life fighting the undead together.

Team shooters for up to four players

Awesome foursomes

Assemble a party of trusted companions, choose your roles and work as a team.

Helldivers II

Step into the boots of the Helldivers to bring peace, liberty and Managed Democracy to the galaxy, using the most explosive means available. Collaborate with teammates to execute strategies, calling in heavyweight support as necessary, and join thousands of determined soldiers in their tireless campaign against the twin threats of the insectoid Terminids and robotic Automatons.

Deep Rock Galactic

Dig deep as one of four classes of space Dwarf, each determined to mine Hoxxes IV for all its riches. Use the unique traits of each class to work together and make your own path through entirely destructible environments filled with hostile aliens.

Quake II

One of the defining ‘boomer shooters’ receives modern updates across its visuals, enemy intelligence and best of all, multiplayer. Up to four of you can join forces against the savage Strogg online or in couch co-op across the original game and its expansions.

World War Z: Aftermath

Travel the world with friends while blasting ravenous zombie hordes. This accomplished expansion builds on the action-packed original, with new characters and story episodes, 4K support for PS5 and the new Horde Mode XL* game mode. 

*PS5 version only

Borderlands 3

Stop the spread of sinister cult The Children of the Vault—and collect a mountain of loot in the process. It’s time for you and your merry band of Vault Hunters to re-enter the Borderlands, with four new characters and literally billions of wildly imaginative weapons to enjoy. 


Splash around in teams of four in this party shooter where foam is your attack and defence. Shape it into landscapes to gain positional advantage and shoot suds at the opposition until they’re stunned - then take them out. Enjoy several game modes, updated seasonally to keep the bubbly fun fresh.

After The Fall

Get an up-close and personal view of a zombie-plagued apocalypse in this chilling PS VR2 FPS, where your only chance of survival is fast-thinking and tight teamwork. Watch each other’s backs as you use real-life movements to wield a variety of weapons against the inhuman Snowbreed.

Team shooters for five or more players

Full-scale fireteams

Join a bigger party for large-scale team battles, or take on ultimate gaming challenges with a seasoned group.


Assemble your Freegunner crew and travel the Concord galaxy to compete with rival teams in a 5v5 character-driven FPS set in a vibrant, original sci-fi universe. Team up with friends and fellow mercenaries online to take on rival crews across spectacular worlds in the Wilds of space.

Concord is released for PS5 and PC on August 23, 2024.

Overwatch 2

One of the most popular hero shooters is best played with a trusted squad by your side. Flashpoint, Capture the Flag, Escort and other modes let you shoot it out in 5v5 matches, with 26 maps and a variety of memorable Heroes. Ongoing updates keep the action fresh for all. 

Destiny 2

For the ultimate challenge in Bungie’s free-to-play co-op FPS, team up with five other Guardians and attempt a Raid. These missions will test your powers of cooperation like nothing you’ve played before.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Experience tense 5v5 competition with this evolving tactical FPS. Choose from over 60 Operators and stage coordinated assaults in order to defuse bombs, save hostages and secure areas. On PS5, enjoy firefights in 4K 120 FPS.