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Get to work on the best simulators on PS4 and PS5

Carve out a new career, learn a useful skill or cause chaos as a goat - whether it’s work or pleasure, there’s a simulation out there for you.

Hands-on sims

Get your hands dirty

Take pride in a job well done as your partake in simulated manual labour.

PowerWash Simulator

Enjoy the simple, satisfying pleasure of firing high-pressure blasts of water to clean up the filth on the streets of Muckingham. As a professional power washer, make your fortune by cleaning a variety of mucky vehicles, buildings and open spaces alone, or with friends.

Lawn Mowing Simulator Landmark Edition

Leave the overgrown grasslands of the Great British countryside looking neat and new as you cut them down to size in your ride-on mower. Admire the beauty of the outdoors atop one of 12 licensed lawn mowers while you build your lawncare business.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Roll up your sleeves and delve under the hoods of over 70 cars, in this realistic maintenance sim. Repair, tune and even rebuild vehicles using thousands of unique parts, as you work your way up from a single garage to a full service empire.

Farming Simulator 22

Take a hands-on approach to agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry as you experience the life of a modern farmer. Adapt to the challenges that each season brings either alone or with friends in cross-platform multi-farmer.

Serious simulations

Make your mark on the world

Build cities and business empires in these high-stakes sims where business is pleasure.

Cities: VR - Enhanced Edition

As mayor and architect, build your dream city in this absorbing VR adaptation of Cities: Skylines. Craft cosy neighbourhoods or sprawling metropolises, controlling everything from traffic to the economy. The only limit is your imagination - and budget.

Transport Fever 2

Grow your fledgling company into a global transport empire as you haul passengers and cargo by land, air and sea. Make history by developing transport infrastructure across three different time periods, on three continents in this deep simulation.

Train Sim World 3

Let off some steam as you master nine iconic locomotives and haul freight, passenger and commuter trains along three real-world routes. Battle against extreme weather, including blizzards and thunderstorms, to keep your trains running on schedule.

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator

Create and manage your dream restaurant in this exciting slice-of-life sim. Decorate your kitchen, design your menu and hire the best chefs as you strive for success and a much-coveted Michelin star.

Fantasy simulators

Run your dream business

Put reality to one side in these imaginative sims.

Two Point Campus

Are you up to the university challenge of managing an aloof academic institution? In this fantastical business sim you’ll build facilities, recruit staff and nurture students who’ve signed up for quirky courses like Knight School, Wizardry and Money Wrangling.

Arcade Paradise

Purchase, play and profit from over 35 original arcade games as you flip a dusty ‘90s laundromat into the town’s most popular gaming destination. Balance business with nostalgic pleasure as you plunge toilets, turn profits and set unreachable high scores.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Clock in alongside fan-favourite Jurassic World characters as you attempt to wrangle some of pre-history’s most formidable predators. Balance customer experience with perilous bioengineering experiments as you hone your habitats and play god in this evolved dino daycare sim.

People management sims

Become a people person

In these management simulators, you’re only as good as the team you build around you.

F1® Manager 22

The official racing management simulation game of the 2022 Formula One gives you the chance to guide an F1 team to championship glory. Manage a team of drivers and race staff between races, then take charge of every decision during realistic simulations of F1 races.

Football Manager 2023

If you’ve ever watched a match and thought that you could do a better job, this is your chance to prove it. The infamously in-depth management series scores big with improved opponent AI, a new Supporter Confidence system and licensed UEFA tournaments.

Idol Manager

Take on the role of a talent agency manager and aim to create the next Japanese pop sensation. Putting together a successful group means managing egos and releasing hit singles, while also dealing with your singers’ personal dramas and possible PR disasters.

Fun sims

All play and no work

Make it your business to have fun with these comedic non-sims.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Put your relationships to the test in pursuit of haute cuisine, with this bumper bundle of chaotic co-op cookery. Work together to overcome your creative culinary differences as you chop, plate, serve and scrub your way through over 200 levels.

Goat Simulator 3

Find your Capra calling in this four-player sandbox of simulated stupidity. Cause mayhem in an open world with the help of jetpacks, lightsabers and leaf blowers. Grow your Goat Castle to showcase your dubious accomplishments and curious goatly gear.

Job Simulator

Strap on your headset and escape to a ridiculous robotic approximation of white-collar work. Sup coffee and perform your duties, or rebel against this manufactured museum of the mundane by experimenting with the many objects within your clumsy grasp.

Vacation Simulator

Take a well-deserved break from reality in a six-star resort famous for its simulated hospitality. Discover a world of ‘not jobbing’ as you soak in thermal springs, snap sea life and raid the minibar to fulfil stringent relaxation protocols.