The best looter shooters on PS4 and PS5

Hunt for riches in vibrant worlds, collect guns and gadgets and fine-tune your loadout with the best looter shooters.

Most-popular looter games

Long-running looter legends

Hunt down the perfect pistol in these expansive and consistently evolving shooters.

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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Play solo or work with others to fight a pandemic that ravaged Manhattan months earlier and is now threatening Washington, DC. Scavenge for supplies, loot whatever you can make use of and hold back the collapse of an entire nation.

  • Form a squad and encounter different factions in the capital, every one of which will fight for control of resources and locations. Civilians may help you if you can keep them safe from the city’s myriad threats.
  • Tough it out in the PvP Dark Zone to perfect your loadout with extra-valuable gear and liberate other areas of the city to protect what remains of society.

Destiny 2

Bungie’s universe-spanning action-MMO has attracted millions of players to its deep sci-fi storytelling and refined shooter mechanics. Explore the mysteries of the solar system as a Guardian, a defender of the Last City of humanity, as the game’s long-running story approaches The Final Shape.

  • Choose from one of three distinct Guardian classes: the mighty Titan, the mysterious Warlock, or the speedy and agile Hunter. Each has their own Super abilities.
  • Thousands of weapons open millions of loadout options. Work out what stats are best for you and which skills suit your play style – and then get out there and loot even greater gear.
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Become an unstoppable warrior in this story-driven action game that merges elements of shooters, stealth games and RPGs. Take part in intense third-person combat using your Warframe, a bio-metal suit of incredible power.

  • Face off against warring factions in a massive interplanetary system, following the guidance of the mysterious Lotus to develop your Warframe and unlock its true potential – and your own.
  • Squad up with friends and complete objectives together for bonuses, healing allies and redirecting enemy fire to gain an advantage. In-game matchmaking means that friendly support is just a request away.
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Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software’s raucous sci-fi looter shooter lets you team up with a friend for split-screen destruction across a variety of new planets or join up with friends online.

  • Become one of four all-new and customizable Vault Hunters, the ultimate treasure-seeking badasses of the Borderlands, selecting your arsenal from over a billion possible guns.
  • Play together in split-screen co-op regardless of the individual’s level or mission progress, taking on enemies and challenges together to earn that sweet loot.
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Indie looter shooters

Gear up for something different

Embrace inspired takes on the genre set in jaw-dropping worlds.

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Risk of Rain 2

Work your way through a series of stunning alien landscapes full of fearsome monsters and powerful loot in this challenging roguelike, fighting both scaling difficulty and the always-ticking clock.

  • Play solo or with friends and battle through hordes of frenzied monsters across a diverse series of handcrafted environments, reaping the rewards as you go.
  • Beat bosses to escape – or loop your run indefinitely to see how long you can survive as foes increase in power across the course of your game.

Deep Rock Galactic

Play as a badass space Dwarf in this game of procedurally generated caves to mine and 100% destructible environments to blow apart, exploring solo or as part of a squad of up to four.

  • Select from one of four distinct classes: mow through enemies as the Gunner, push ahead and light the way as the Scout, chew through solid rock as the Driller, or support your team with defensive structures as the Engineer.
  • Mine deep and destroy monsters to return with the most valuable resources – but tread carefully as these are the most hostile cave systems the galaxy has ever seen.
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Loot and shoot to the music in this rhythm-based dungeon crawler in which up to four harmonic guardians can play together in online co-op, collecting over 500 pieces of unique equipment while defending the Timbrelands of Symphonia from evil.

  • Time your actions to the rhythm of the soundtrack to increase your power and use the loot you recover to unlock greater abilities.
  • Play a full campaign mode solo or with friends, defeating the Lord of Discord and their Discordians to restore Harmony to the environment.
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The Ascent

Welcome to the cyberpunk world of Veles, and to the Ascent Group arcology, a corporate-run metropolis towering into the sky and populated by beings from across the galaxy. Here, you and up to three other friends will break free of your company owners and take up arms against impending catastrophe.

  • Play the entire game solo or in co-op, local or online, using lethal weapons and clever gadgets to make your way through an atmospheric world brimming with danger.
  • The higher you climb, the greater the loot, and the bigger the target on your back – so scout for the greatest gear and customize your loadout to maximize your chances of survival.
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Recently released looter games

Fresh looter franchises

Enjoy these relative newcomers in the looting and shooting scene

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League 

Play as the Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot – to take down the world’s greatest DC superheroes, the Justice League, sweeping up all the loot you can along the way.

  • From Rocksteady Studios, creators of the acclaimed Batman: Arkham series, this genre-defying action-adventure shooter is set in an open-world Metropolis invaded by Brainiac.
  • Play solo or online with up to three other friends, pitting this team of classic comic villains against the brainwashed Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash.

Dead Island 2

Head out onto the undead-ravaged streets of HELL-A for a zombie-splatting adventure rippling with black humor and swimming in gallons of guts, gore and goodies to loot.

  • Play as one of several survivors trying to get across a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, each of whom has unique abilities and loud personalities to match. Customize your pick with a deep skill system and become the ultimate zombie slayer.
  • Bash zombie brains with friends in two- or three-player co-op. You’ll need all the help you can get as these once-human monsters are relentless and will quickly overcome the unprepared player – but what they leave behind can be worth it.
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This co-op-focused sci-fi shooter from the makers of Bulletstorm has you creating your own Outrider and embarking on a journey across the hostile planet of Enoch.

  • Use an explosive arsenal of twisted weaponry and extraordinary gear to get the better of enemies – and sweep each area for the loot they leave behind.
  • Customize your experience with a sprawling skill tree and expansive gear modification, tailoring your play style to stand up to the overwhelming odds before you.
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Remnant II

This sequel to the hugely popular Remnant: From the Ashes pits survivors of humanity against deadly creatures and godlike bosses across a series of terrifying worlds. Mixing ranged and melee combat and endless loot rewards, Remnant II offers strong replayability.

  • Play solo or in co-op with two others to explore the dangerous depths and stop an evil from destroying reality itself.
  • Optimize your gear and weapons for each biome and take on the very toughest enemies in pursuit of the greatest loot, using each newly discovered item and upgrade to your advantage.
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Melee-friendly looter shooters

Less shooting, more looting

Lay down your firearms and gather your materials.

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Monster Hunter Rise

Join the hunt in this expansive action-RPG set in a world dominated by enormous monsters. Explore and track your prey solo or play as a part of a well-oiled team, using your recovered monster materials to upgrade gear and expand your toolkit.

  • Personalize your hunter and choose from 14 unique weapon options, from bows to lances, and then recruit a Palico Felyne companion before setting off into a range of richly detailed hunting maps.
  • Smart difficulty scaling means that whether you’re a lone wolf or playing as part of a pack, battles will be both thrilling and fair. Get used to Monster Hunter’s rhythms with Rise, as Monster Hunter Wilds is coming in 2025.

Nioh 2

Master the lethal arts of the samurai as a half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior in this challenging action-RPG in which you'll encounter real historical figures as well as spirits from Japanese folklore.

  • Unsheathe deadly weapons to cut down ferocious enemies using a revamped combat system and transform into a full Yokai to unleash paranormal powers.
  • Explore tense, sprawling environments full of secrets to be discovered and foes to face, and train in the dojo to master new skills.
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Step into the boots of the professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia as he embarks on a quest to locate a child of prophecy and confront the ghostly Wild Hunt.

  • This open-world fantasy epic mixes frenetic combat with magical abilities, heavyweight narrative themes, and just the occasional bit of silliness that’s sure to make you smile.
  • Complete monster contracts, race horses and back yourself in fist fights to earn money – or explore the world’s dark places for hidden treasure to use or sell.
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Diablo IV

The legendary RPG series returns with a spectacular and vast new world to explore, filled with the promise of adventure – as well as plenty of fiendish foes and legendary loot.

  • The land of Sanctuary has fallen into a new era of darkness as Lilith, the daughter of the Lord of Hatred Mephisto, exerts her influence. Take on the challenge of this corrupted place solo, in two-player single-screen co-op or as part of a quartet online.
  • Meet other players online to trade, team up or test their might in lobby-free PvP zones. Cross-play and cross-progression gives you plenty of flexibility for continuing your adventures.
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