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Everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6

Find out what to expect from the latest instalment to Capcom's legendary Street Fighter franchise.

What should you do first in Street Fighter 6?

For the first time in its history, Street Fighter 6 offers up a full story-driven single-player campaign.

Start with World Tour mode

World Tour is the perfect place for new and veteran players to start their Street Fighter 6 journey. 

After creating a fighter, learning basic movement controls and meeting Luke (your first of many Masters), you’ll drop into New York-inspired Metro City armed with Luke’s fighting style and special moves. Eventually, you’ll become a true World Warrior as you travel the globe and meet dozens of new characters on your journey. 

Create your own fighter

Street Fighter 6 has an incredibly deep character creator. Choose from a range of pre-sets, use the randomiser or go to town creating your own fighter. There’s a vast array of options that let you go as sensible – or as wild – as you like.

The choices you make regarding the size and shape of your character have real consequences - creating long arms for example can benefit your battles in World Tour by giving you better reach to your opponent..

You can even spend time creating your character in the game demo and import it to the main game when you’re ready.

Explore Metro City

Metro City is full of passers-by to battle, but you’ll want to find and meet legendary Street Fighter characters to learn new styles and special moves. Give your Masters gifts to build your relationships with them and gain benefits such as being able to call them into battle if you need a helping hand.

Once you’ve met various Masters around the city, you can use their moves to build your own unique set of basic and special attacks. Use them to further progress in World Tour mode, or take your fight – and your avatar - online in Battle Hub to K.O. other players around the world.

Masters will also give you special Master Actions, moves that can be used during exploration to reach new areas, destroy objects and even avoid confrontations.

Side-quests and minigames

Around Metro City you’ll find a host of fun side quests and minigames to help practice your fighting moves. 

Diverse challenges such as Basketball Parry, Pizza Making, Board Breaking and Car Bashing get progressively more difficult, so if you want to perfect them you’ll need to master the skills at your disposal.

Which characters are in Street Fighter 6? 

Meet the new generation of World Warriors as you play through the World Tour, where you’ll get to learn their styles and discover their backstories.

Which is the best Street Fighter 6 character for beginners in battle modes?

While there's no 'best' character, there are guides and tutorials which can quickly help you find your own unique style.

Street Fighter 6 categorises each character by the following criteria:

  • Type:  Standard, Speed, Tricky, Power.
  • Effective Range: Close-Range, Mid-Range, Long-Range.
  • Ease of Use: Easy, Normal, Hard.

In Fighting Ground, there’s a character guide and tutorial for each character. Get to know their move sets and practice special moves before taking to the arena.

Try out all characters and get a feel for which ones complement your style of play. Street Fighter is all about weighing up the pros and cons of each fighter, and finding which blend works best for you.

Great Street Fighter 6 characters to try first

What makes Street Fighter 6 great...

...for newcomers.

If you’ve never played a Street Fighter game before, Street Fighter 6 does a fantastic job of introducing you to its controls, its systems and its world. This is the most approachable and accessible Street Fighter game ever made. 

Meeting your favourite fighter and new ones alike is a brand-new experience unlike anything offered before. You’ll meet each of the fighters in World Tour and find out more about their background and styles as you play.

...for veterans.

With an entirely new system mechanic to previous instalments, Street Fighter 6 has its own identity. This provides a new and level playing field to get to grips with.

There are new characters to get to know, like Jamie, Kimberly, Marisa and JP, and the incredibly versatile new Drive System to master.

For those invested in Street Fighter’s complex timeline, Street Fighter 6 marks the most current point in the series (coming after the events of Street Fighter III). Series regulars have aged and developed in this time, with updated appearances, stories and move sets to match.

Street Fighter 6 controls FAQ

Learn about Street Fighter 6's unique control options.

  • Classic: This is the classic six-button setup that many remember from previous Street Fighter games.
  • Modern: Provides a gateway entry to the series for those familiar with video games but who might not have much experience with fighting games.
  • Dynamic: Designed for the most beginner of players to button-mash their way to victory.

Modern Controls allow you to perform special attacks with simple button combinations and are designed for players who want to fight without memorising and practising special move button combinations first.

Dynamic Controls is a great control type to use when you have friends and family over for a quick, casual game, or want to learn the basics of a character for the first time.

Classic Controls use the six-button layout and command inputs that will be instantly familiar to fans of previous Street Fighter games.

The Dynamic control type is limited to offline play in certain modes of Fighting Ground. Classic and Modern can be used in all modes of Fighting Ground, as well as World Tour.

If you’re struggling to execute some of the more complicated Special move commands, head to training mode or Character Guides in Fighting Ground. Here, you can enable ‘Input History Display’ in the settings and you’ll see a live feed of button presses to help you understand your movement input.

Are you ready to become a World Warrior?

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