Which Gran Turismo was your first? Do you remember which car you used when you beat your friends at Trial Mountain Circuit? Have you ever stayed up all night playing Gran Turismo with your friends/cousins/siblings to unlock your dream car?

In conjunction with the launch of Gran Turismo 7 (PS4/PS5) and the 25th Anniversary of Gran Turismo franchise, we are inviting gamers in Asia to share when, what, how or with whom you Find Your Line in Gran Turismo.

Dig up memorable photos and videos (or you can create new ones) and simply post videos or photos on what Gran Turismo means to you (with max 100 words captions, add hashtags: #MyGTStory and #GT7 and tag @PlayStationAsia on Facebook or Instagram) and the most creative ones will stand a chance to win "Gran Turismo 7 Deluxe Gift Set", featuring Gran Turismo 7 Merchandises and a copy of GT7 25th Anniversary game copy autographed by Yamauchi-san. (Terms and conditions apply)

Greeting Message from Kazunori Yamauchi
(President of Polyphony Digital, Creator of Gran Turismo series)

Yamauchi-san invites you to share your #MyGTStory and stand a chance to win

Gran Turismo 7 Deluxe Gift Set

Each winner (10 winners from Southeast Asia) will receive Gran Turismo 7 Deluxe Gift Set that consists of Gran Turismo 7 Merchandises and a copy of GT7 25th Anniversary game copy autographed by Yamauchi-san.

#MyGTStory Winners

Supholchai Kumdao

#MyGTStory ภาคแรกของ Gran Turismo คือภาคที่ 4 เป็นภาคที่มีความสงจำมากมายจริงๆในวัยเด็กๆ จนถึงตอนนี้ รถคันแรกไม่ว่าจะเล่นใหม่กี่รอบก็จะเป็นเจ้า Skyline GTS.t Type M ซื่งในตอนเด็กๆที่ไม่รู้เรื่องรถมากเท่าไหร่ก็คิดว่าตัวนี้คงจะขับเครื่องสีล้อ แต่ความจริงตัวนี้ขับเครื่องสองล้อหลัง 5555 และจำๆได้เลยว่าเคยเล่นด่าน24ชั่วโมงอยู่ครั้งหนึ่ง หลังจากเล่นจบ แทบบายไม่ทันกันเลยทีเดียว555 เป็นความสงจำที่ไม่มีลืมเลยจริงๆ❤❤ PlayStation Asia #GT7

Patthapol Eamtrakul

My journey with GT started since I was a child, having a chance to play both GTs on PS1. They introduced me to the world of automotive in various aspects, their history, their specifications, inspires my long-life passion and my love for cars until now. Cars aren’t only just a machine. They need love and care just like us human to preserve their value. This is what GT taught me. GT was not only a game, it’s a culture, this is where peoples who shares their passion for cars gathering together.
Thank you, GT and creator team.
PlayStation Asia #MyGTStory #GT7


When GT4 came out with the 1600 GSR, I would obsess over Screenshots of the game and make them my wallpaper. I bought a PS2 on new years' day 2007 anlong with my first game with it - GT4. It would help me get over my loneliness in another country. I have fond memories of late nights tuning the heck out of the 1600 GSR while I waited for my laundry to finish. When I returned home, #GranTurismo4 has always been the staple until I started my own family, and playing took the backseat.
During the Pandemic, I showed my kids the #playstation2 and GT4, and then the itch started again. With the desire growing, I got myself a Ps3. My first games? GT5 and #GranTurismo6 of course! The #a70lancer and #cz4alancerevolution chassis (not found in GT4) of the Lancer were there! GT6 also afforded me to build a collection to drive the supercars that are in my diecast display, my favorite of which is the hard to earn 288 GTO.
#granturismo lets me imagine the full potential of the cars in the garage, and supercars I could only dream of. #GT7 @playstationasia


Gran Turismo has made a BIG IMPACT in my life. Ive started playing the game ever since it launched back in 1997. I remember i was a little boy that loves automobiles & had the urge to learn how to drive. GT has helped me & guided me to understand the big world of cars plus its rich history. I remember struggling to win races, trying to get golds in license tests plus always kept crashing when i started. The game has taught me to learn, understand, focus, & adjust all throughout the years. From a kid who wanted to learn about cars, to becoming a champion is simply a fantasy dream come true!
Currently ive met a lot of very good people because of GT. Ive built beautiful friendships all over the world with fellow GT drivers & we currently have a very healthy community (and its still growing thank you guys)!
A lot of really good memories in the last few years on these photos. Looking at them had me in tears realizing ive reached this far with my passion for the game and the love of the sport.
With Gran Turismo Sport closing in just a few weeks, a new chapter will open with #GT7. Im looking forward and very excited at whats to come! I would like to share my little story to you. This is #MyGTStory

Timothy Robert Melendrez

Video games and Racing are a few of my passions. GT for me means "Living a dream, even if for a while". I've played every version, Racing my dad on Trial Mountain in GT1, fast forward to pushing my time on GT6. Soon, instead of time attacks, I had to hunt for baby supplies, but Gran Turismo gave me another shot when GT Academy launched in the PH and I got into the Top 20, competing against younger whippersnappers! But this old daddy needed to get into shape! #GT7 will be a chance for me to relive a dream again.
#MyGTStory PlayStation Asia


#mygtstory #gt7 #granturismo #playstation @playstationasia @playstation @thegranturismo #MyGTStory #GT7 Well, Gran Turismo has been around in my life for as long as i can remember, and though i didn’t experience the entire series, one game alone was enough to literally change my life, and make me into the person i am today.
Thank you everyone at Polyphony,
Thank you Yamauchi-san,
Thank you Gran Turismo!

Aidid Iqram

I started playing gran turismo series when i was 6.First GT series i played was GT4.i still remember that my first car i used in GT mode(GT4) was Mitsubishi Lancer evo 2...everything was fun until 2017 my PS2 broken and i can't afford new console.In 2021 i started to work hard and finally i bought a PS4 and first game i played on PS4 was GT Sport.Have been 12 years on racing game and i still loyal to GT series and i very excited about release of GT7 and i can't wait to buy one..#MyGTStory #GT7


#MyGTStory might've started out like any other Gran Turismo player out there – curious child addicted to PS1 Japanese racing game – but I had one memory that stood out.
When GT4 rolled out with a "Photo Mode" feature, I remember driving a red/white AC Cobra around SSR5 just to capture the replays – which eventually inspired my automotive photography career years on.
In mid-2021, I was hired by a workshop called Dyna Works to photograph one of their cars: a red/white AC Cobra replica! This was one of my career highlights and I honestly owe it all to Gran Turismo.
#MyGTStory #GT7


#MyGTStory #GT7 @playstationasia
This masterpiece art taught me how to drive properly and never give up to reach goals. @thegranturismo is the reason I bought every single generation of PlayStation for playing them.
Endurance 24H, learning to use a steering wheel, grind for Ferrari, and platinum trophy is my most favourite moments.
But, most meaningful was GT Sport. All emotion, struggle, focuses given from "First Victory" until clinched "Platinum Trophy." What makes more special? Look at the date! got on August 5, its @kazunori_yamauchi Birthday.
One month to go for GT7, can't wait to overhaul my PS5 for this.

Andin Dzulkarnain

My very 1st game is GT1 JP ver. Always love the intro 'Moon Over the Castle', mostly all Gran Turismo i play so far, PSPgo i remember collect all cars for the 1st time i feel completely to me & share cars with friends together play game, GT5 is my favorite game, the multiplayer i can help tune the cars & give it to friends. With a G29 in GT SPORT good wheel it really feels like you're experiencing *something* close to reality.
Gran Turismo is something special to me and to be a part of my life and in the future. This is why I love Gran Turismo so much that i never leave the game. Thanks you very much for making this incredible game Kazunori Yamauchi & Polyphony Digital.
Looking forward on Gran Turismo 7.
PlayStation Asia #MyGTStory #GT7

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