No Rest for the Wicked

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    What is No Rest for the Wicked?

    A visceral, precision action-RPG from Moon Studios, the makers of the Ori series.

    The year is 841 – King Harol is dead. As word of his death echoes throughout the kingdom, the crown passes to his arrogant, yet untested son Magnus.

    Even worse, the Pestilence, an unholy plague not seen for a thousand years, has returned, sweeping across the land and corrupting everything and everyone it touches. Madrigal Seline, a ruthlessly ambitious figure in the church, sees the Pestilence as a chance to prove herself in the eyes of her god.

    These forces converge on the backwater of Isola Sacra, where rebel groups and the provincial government fight for control amid the isle’s crumbling ruins.

    You are a Cerim, a holy warrior imbued with remarkable powers and sworn to defeat the Pestilence at any cost. But the task will prove increasingly challenging as you become entangled in the people’s plight and the vast political struggle of this downtrodden land. Chaos will pull you in every direction as you seek to cleanse the land of wickedness and shape the kingdom’s fate.

    No Rest for the Wicked key features

    Brutal, precision-based combat

    Hone your skills with a system that challenges you to be deliberate and strategic. Battle against gruesome creatures, enemy soldiers and punishing bosses in tense, visceral encounters. Feel the weight of each weapon, enchant armaments with runes, craft rare armour, and create bespoke character builds that fit your playstyle.

    An epic, human saga 

    Discover a mature, dark narrative on the harsh shores of Isola Sacra. Cunning rulers and ferocious rebels vie for the throne – all while an ancient plague sweeps across the land, turning its inhabitants into monstrous versions of themselves.

    A hand-crafted world

    Play a painting come to life, meticulously built with an incredible attention to detail. Beauty radiates in every frame, from the dappled sunlight of the Lowland Meadows to the viscera-smeared, twisted shadows of the Nameless Pass. Each new location is home to its own people, problems, hidden treasures, and secrets to unearth.

    Share the adventure

    Play No Rest for the Wicked with up to three friends in online multiplayer. Every quest, boss and square foot of Isola Sacra can be experienced together. Alternatively, leave your party and wander off solo - the choice is yours.

    A home of your own

    Rest your weary bones in the town of Sacrament, where you can purchase property and decorate it to make it your own. Fish on the shores and farm the land, to create meals that replenish health and boost stats. Acquaint yourself with the diverse array of vendors and townsfolk and restore Sacrament to its former glory.

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