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Released 01/10/2021
  • PS Plus required for online play
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Vibration function required
  • Supports up to 22 online players with PS Plus
  • Online play optional
  • 1 - 4 players
  • Remote Play supported
Game overview

Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 moves the game forwards with next-gen HyperMotion gameplay technology.

In EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22, every moment on the pitch is elevated with HyperMotion, a gameplay technology designed to harness the power of PlayStation 5. Integrating Advanced 11v11 Match Capture and Machine Learning, HyperMotion brings real-time, real-player movement data from professional footballers in high-intensity matches to FIFA 22 for the most realistic, responsive and fluid gameplay experience in FIFA's history. 

Classic game modes return with a new season of innovation: Create your own club in Career Mode, dial up the nostalgia with new FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes, and get rewarded for your skill on the streets with reshaped gameplay in VOLTA FOOTBALL.

Be the Next Generation in FIFA 22

Play FIFA 22 by January 14*, 2022 and receive an untradeable Next Generation Player Item from December 15, 2021.

The talent of a generation. Mbappé became one of the world's very best footballers seemingly over night. By driving PSG to the Ligue 1 trophy in his first season, Mbappé established himself as a true leader in an emergent new era of football.

The Stockport .... Phil Foden. His sharp ascent is only surprising to those outside Manchester with three Premier League titles at age 21. Foden's stunning volley against Everton cemented the emergence of a game-changing talent.

Leaving your hometown at 17 to sign for Borussia Dortmund is more than just a sign of ability. It's a sign of maturity, self-belief and drive. Jude Bellingham is getting better with each game.

In an era where full back is the new rockstar position, staking a claim doesn't come easy. Theo's first ever goal for AC Milan was a stoppage time winner and he went on to win both AC Milan's Player of The Year and a spot in Serie A's Team Of The Year in 2019/20. Levelling up.

From Pennsylvania to the blue-tinted lights of the Shed End. Christian Pulisic is delivering on his high expectations, recording a hat-trick in his debut season for Chelsea. With a UEFA Champions League win in his second season, the sky is the limit for Christian.

As the youngest player to ever start for Stade Rennais at just 16, Camavinga's shows a maturity beyond his years. Signing for Real Madrid at 18, he scored a goal on his debut in the Santiago Bernabéu. Born ready for the biggest stages.

HyperMotion gameplay technology

Brand new for EA SPORTS FIFA and exclusively on next generation consoles, HyperMotion integrates two technologies for the first time ever, revolutionizing football gameplay: 

Advanced 11v11 Match Capture

Xsens suits enable motion capture from 22 professional footballers playing in a competitive match for the first time. This unprecedented real-human movement data powers how both individuals and teams move across FIFA 22.

Machine Learning

Our cutting-edge and proprietary Machine Learning algorithm learns from over 8.7m frames of advanced match capture, then writes new animations in real time to create organic football realism across a variety of interactions.

The result is a more realistic, responsive and fluid gameplay experience in every match across every mode of FIFA 22 on PS5:


Full Team Authentic Motion

A fundamental leap forward, Xsens Suits enables data to be recorded from all 22 players during real-world competitive matches for the first time ever. Data captured from every touch, tackle, sprint and duel results in the biggest animation refresh in FIFA history, raising the footballing intensity, responsiveness and physicality of every player in the game to unlock the most true-to-life movement of the franchise.

ML - Flow

Our machine learning algorithm reinvents how animations work in sports video games, delivering greater fluidity and visual realism than ever before. Leveraging more then 8.7m frames from Advanced 11 v. 11 Match Capture, the algorithm learns from and then writes new animations in real-time, enabling players to better adjust their stride and running cadence to more smoothly approach controlling or striking the ball.

Tactical A.I.

Driven by the power of PlayStation 5, Tactical A.I. creates deeper intelligence across all 22 players, giving each individual footballer the ability to better understand their teammates’ and opponents’ formations and movement to create a new level of tactical realism.

In attack, players can now make up to 6x more decisions per second, resulting in better awareness of their surroundings, smarter runs in build-up play and more speed in reacting to loose balls. Rewritten defensive AI means teams now operate more as a unit, retaining their shape to move across the pitch and cover vacant space.

Kinetic Air Battles

New two player interaction technology syncs player animations, creating greater realism and responsiveness as they jump to battle for the ball. See defenders and attackers push, pull and jostle as they rise to meet crosses, clearances and long passes, increasing quality in heated situations and creating cleaner outcomes as players fight to be first to the ball.

Composed Ball Control

Powered by the animation refresh, controlling the ball in FIFA 22 is more natural and fluid than ever before. Longer two-touch animations enable better control of aerial balls, more agility when trapping ground balls and more strength in shielding situations to give you new ways to drive forward in attack.

Player Humanization

Powered by Advanced 11v11 Match Capture, new off-ball player animations and ambient behaviour help bring on-pitch characters to life. See opponents talk, point, and direct each other based on the action, while intensity-based locomotion and natural-looking player behaviours make FIFA more realistic and immersive than ever.

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How FIFA 22 harnesses PS5's innovative features

FIFA 22 leverages the power of the PS5 to enable unprecedented football realism, allowing players to forge a gameplay style that closely resembles how real-life footballers compete on the pitch.

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