Do I need to have played Final Fantasy VII Remake before Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

The second game in the grand Final Fantasy VII remake project ventures into unknown territory, whether you’re a first-time player or a lifelong fan.

The Final Fantasy VII remake project continues

The Final Fantasy VII remake project is a reimagining of the 1997 PlayStation classic by its original creators and planned to be told over three standalone games. As the story unfolds, the game will surprise veterans and welcome newcomers through various new elements.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the latest instalment of this project, which might suggest that you need to play Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is designed as a standalone experience that can be enjoyed as your first entry point into the iconic Final Fantasy VII series.

What is the story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

One of the most exciting aspects of the Final Fantasy VII remake project is how the narrative doesn’t directly mirror the original game’s story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake covered the ‘Midgar’ portion of 1997’s Final Fantasy VII, with protagonist Cloud Strife joining the underground resistance group AVALANCHE and plotting to defy the oppressive Shinra Electric Power Company, who harvest and process the planet’s energy in gigantic Mako reactors.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth follows the party as they leave the city of Midgar after a cataclysmic event and explore the planet in pursuit of Sephiroth, one of gaming’s greatest antagonists.

Will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s story match that of the original game?

Final Fantasy VII Remake remained largely faithful to the original game’s events but broke away from the established canon at key junctures. These changes were also acknowledged within the narrative with the introduction of Whispers, mysterious arbiters of fate that appear when the course of destiny is altered.

This means that the events of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are unknown to even the most ardent Final Fantasy VII fan. While it has been hinted that major moments will be revisited, their outcomes are now a mystery, which puts first-timers and aficionados back on even footing.

Can I transfer my save data to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth if I played Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Despite Final Fantasy VII Rebirth being a direct continuation of the Final Fantasy VII Remake story, save files from Final Fantasy VII Remake will not transfer over to Rebirth. Director Naoki Hamaguchi confirmed that each game is balanced independently, so levels and abilities will not carry over. Players with existing save data will however earn some special bonuses, like exclusive summoning materia.

How does Final Fantasy VII Rebirth play?

Like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers a story-driven experience filled with combat encounters, light puzzle-solving elements and exploration in expansive areas. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth expands on the exploration element considerably, providing vast environments full of optional activities and various side quest content, including minigames.

The world can be explored on foot, but it’s easier to get around in buggies and self-balancing ‘wheelies’, or ride Final Fantasy’s trademark Chocobos. Catching these feathered beasts will let you explore the world in various ways, with the ability to scale cliffs and even glide through the sky depending on their environment.

Beloved areas from the 1997 original return in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, including the Forgotten Capital, Shinra Manor, Mythril Mine and The Gold Saucer, a gigantic amusement park filled with minigames to play.

How does combat work in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a party-based RPG with approachable real-time combat. Players have direct control over the swings of Cloud’s Buster Sword, Tifa’s martial art techniques attacks and Barret’s arm-mounted Gatling Gun. Characters can be switched between instantly, with the computer taking control of the rest of your party. All characters can also perform spells, use items and unleash special abilities that are all tied to the Active Time Battle (ATB) gauge, which fills automatically during battle.

Weapons, armour and accessories can be equipped to increase your stats, and materia can be strategically slotted into your ensemble to boost skills and add extra abilities.

Synergy Abilities and Synergy Skills are new to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. They allow players to combine the power of paired characters into devastating team attacks and actions.

Can I still play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth like a traditional turn-based JRPG?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features a ‘Classic’ Combat Style that brings the combat system more in line with the original Final Fantasy VII. Classic mode automates the real-time attacking and defending and allows players to focus on using the Commands Menu to issue special attacks, cast magic and use items.

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    • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker
    • Armor: Orchid Bracelet


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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, an enhanced version of the first episode of the new trilogy, is included as part of a PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscription. Members can catch up on the story ahead of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and experience the DLC expansion Episode Intermission, which follows the spirited Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi, who also returns in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as a playable character.

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