Divine Knockout (DKO)

Hi-Rez Studios
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Released 06/12/2022
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 6 online players
  • Remote Play supported

KO the gods in this thrilling 3D platform fighter.

Choose a diminutive deity and get ready for a battle of godly proportions.

Divine Knockout (DKO) is a platform fighter that pits pint-sized versions of mythological powerhouses against each other in hazard-filled arenas. Send your opponents flying off the map to prove that you are the legend to end all legends.

This highly approachable multiplayer brawler brings the exciting action of 2D platform fighters into three dimensions for a unique and intense combat spectacular.


Divine Knockout (DKO)


    Divine Knockout (DKO)


      Divine Knockout (DKO)
      key features

      Brawl without limits

      Whether you play DKO’s core 3v3 battles or dial up the intensity with 2v2 and 1v1 duels, each round introduces a different mode, making every bout an unpredictable adventure. Full cross-play and cross-progression opens up the possibility to partner with - and battle against - all players.

      Master your battleground

      As well as fending off attacks from every angle, your warriors will have to contend with dangerous arenas. Every battle environment features a unique hazard that you will have to learn to overcome as battles rage on, from collapsing floors to damage-dealing traps.

      Wield legendary powers

      DKO's roster of god-like fighters is drawn from multiple mythologies. Bring the thunder with Thor's iconic hammer Mjölnir, let your enemies feel the magical blade of King Arthur's Excalibur, or unleash the unequalled strength of Greek demigod Hercules. 

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