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Tearaway Unfolded | Costume Creation Competition


Holly Turner (UK)

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Win a PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition console


Yngwie de Clerck (Belgium)
Inge Waan (Belgium)
Romain Blanchet (France)
Mandy Duvent (France)
Daniel Memeti (Germany)
Khaled Chaaban (Germany)
Ana Rita Morais da Costa (Portugal)
Marc Sauerwald (Germany)
Piter Ogarev (Russia)
Valery Kovalev (Russia)
Dominik Gygax (Switzerland)
Elisabeth Galan Garcia Kerber (Spain)
Gaius Maxwell (Australia)
Marshall Luke (Australia)
Jarkko Nissilä (Finland)
Piotr Wardach (Poland)
Moin Sher (UK)
Daniel Kerr (UK)
Andrew McLean (UK)
Oscar Grun (Poland)

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20 Years of Play

Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PS4


Arthur Fowler (Australia)
Soraia Pires (Portugal)
Gael ENCELLE (France)
Juan Pedro Thous Fernández (Spain)
karl wassermann (Australia)
Brent Zelinski (Australia)
Kieran Woodward (United Kingdom)
Jamie Thompson (United Kingdom)
Jonathan Steen (Denmark)
Jorge Larios Flores (Spain)
José María Vázquez Bullón (Spain)
Alan Shaw (United Kingdom)
Greg Middleton (United Kingdom)
Monir Bertayli (The Netherlands)
Jeroen Huising (The Netherlands)
Barri Lang (United Kingdom)
ramon prasser (Germany)
Adam Piper (United Kingdom)
Stefan-Sarah Steinkirchner-Häfner (Germany)
Andrew Eyre (United Kingdom)

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Our biggest ever giveaway

Win a mountain of amazing prizes

Winners to be announced.

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