Specific Rules for “PlayStation – Fully Loaded Turbo” Competition

Terms and Conditions – Specific Rules for “PlayStation  


1.             The “PlayStation Fully Loaded Turbo” competition (“Competition”) is open to persons aged 18 years or over who are residents of Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (“Entrant Countries”) except employees, agents, contractors or consultants of the Promoter (as defined below) and their immediate families, the Promoter's associated companies and anyone else professionally connected with the Competition (“Entrants). These Terms (as defined below) apply to those Entrants resident of Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


2.             The Competition is open for entries on 11 August 2015 at 09.00 (BST) ("Opening Date") and closes on 31 October 2015 at 23.59 (GMT) ("Closing Date").  The period from the Opening Date to and including the Closing Date shall be referred to as the “Competition Period.


3.             The Competition is free to enter and no purchase of any kind is necessary. By entering the Competition, Entrants accept and will be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms”) as well as the General Rules (click here).


4.             To enter the Competition, Entrants must complete the following steps during the Competition Period:

a)     visit the PlayStation® competitions website at;

b)    click on the "PlayStation Fully Loaded Turbo” Competition link;

c)     enter their email address in the field provided;

d)    click “Start” to begin the multiple choice quiz;

e)     answer all of the multiple choice questions, enter an answer to the “tie-breaker” question (“Tie-breaker”), enter the unique CAPTCHA code that will be visible on the page and click “Submit”; and

f)     enter the information in the fields provided and click “Submit”.


5.             Each Entrant may only submit one (1) entry and will only be eligible to win one (1) Prize (as defined below).


6.             There will be one (1) winner (“Winner”), five (5) first runners-up (each a “First Runner-Up”), and twenty five (25) second runners-up (each a “Second Runner-Up”). The Winner, the First Runners-Up, each Second Runner-Up will be determined as follows:


a)     each Entrant will be awarded a score corresponding to the number of multiple choice questions they answered correctly (“Score”);

b)    the Winner shall be the Entrant with the highest Scores. In the event of a tie, the Winner shall be the Entrant that obtained the highest Score and that provided the correct answer to the Tie-breaker;

c)     if, instead of a tie, insufficient Entrants provided the correct answer to the Tie-breaker to allow Winner selection, the Winner shall be the Entrant whose answer to the Tie-breaker is closest to the correct answer;

d)    in the event of any further tie, those Entrants shall answer another “tie-breaker” question to determine the Winner, in accordance with the ranking mechanism set out in a), b) and c) above.  In the event of a further tie, this process shall be repeated until one (1) Winner is obtained; and

e)     the Runners-Up will be the Entrants with the thirty (30) highest Scores after the Winners and shall be determined using the mechanism set out in a), b), c) and d) above.


7.             In these terms, “Runner-Up” shall mean a “First Runner-Up” and/or “Second Runner-Up”, as appropriate in the context.


8.             The Promoter shall notify the Winner and each Runner-Up by email to the email address provided by the Entrant at the time of entry, of their selection within two (2) weeks of the Closing Date.


9.             In order to claim their Prize (as defined below), the Winner and each Runner-Up must respond appropriately to the Promoter’s notification email within one (1) week from the date of the Promoter’s notification email, and provide their full name, postal address and date of birth. The postal address provided must match any postal address provided at the time of entry, or the Winner and each Runner-Up may be disqualified.


10.           The Winner will win:

1.     One (1) PlayStation®4 - 20th Anniversary Edition;

2.     One (1) PlayStation®4 - Glacier White;

3.     One (1) PlayStation®4 - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Edition;

4.     One (1) PlayStation®4 - Arkham Knight Edition;

5.     One (1) PlayStation®4 – Ultimate Player 1TB Edition;

6.     One (1) PlayStation®4 – Destiny: The Taken King Edition;

7.     One (1) PlayStation®TV;

8.     One (1) Playstation®Vita PCH2000 series;

9.     One (1) DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller - Glacier White;

10.  One (1) DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller - Urban Camouflage;

11.  One (1) DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller - Magma Red;

12.  One (1) DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller - Wave Blue;

13.  One (1) DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller - Jet Black;

14.  One (1) DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller - 20th Anniversary Edition;

15.  Two (2) PlayStation®Camera;

16.  One (1) DUALSHOCK®4 Charging Station;

17.  Three (3) PlayStation®4 Vertical Stand - Jet Black;

18.  Two (2) PlayStation®4 Vertical Stand - Glacier White;

19.  One (1) PlayStation Plus - 12 Month Membership, in the form of a voucher code, which must be redeemed by 30/10/2016 on the PlayStation®Store;

20.  Two (2) 32GB Vita Memory Card;

21.  One (1) Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 – White;

22.  One (1) Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 - Black;

23.  One (1) 43" Sony’s Android TV W75C;

24.  One (1) 55" Sony’s Android TV W75C;

25.  One (1) 2.1ch Sony Soundbar with Bluetooth (HT-CT380);

26.  One (1) Sony Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone;

27.  One (1) Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact;

28.  One (1) Sony SmartWatch 3 Metal;

29.  One (1) DRIVECLUB™ Special Edition PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

30.  One (1) LittleBigPlanet™ 3 PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

31.  One (1) The Last of Us™ Remastered PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

32.  One (1) inFAMOUS™ Second Son PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

33.  One (1) KNACK™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

34.  One (1) Bloodborne™ - Nightmare Edition PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

35.  One (1) The Order: 1886™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

36.  One (1) Tearaway™ Unfolded PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

37.  One (1) God of War® III Remastered PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

38.  One (1) Journey™ Collector’s Edition PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

39.  One (1) Uncharted™: The Nathan Drake Collection PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

40.  One (1) Until Dawn™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

41.  One (1) Minecraft: PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

42.  One (1) Singstar™ Ultimate Party PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

43.  One (1) LittleBigPlanet™ PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

44.  One (1) Ratchet and Clank™ Trilogy PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

45.  One (1) Tearaway™ PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

46.  One (1) KILLZONE™Mercenary PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

47.  One (1) God of War® Collection PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

48.  One (1) Uncharted™: Golden Abyss PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

49.  One (1) Borderlands™ 2 PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

50.  One (1) LittleBigPlanet™ Marvel Super Hero Edition PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

51.  One (1) Gravity Rush™ PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

52.  Two (2) TV Clip for PlayStation Cameras (4gamers);

53.  One (1) SPC9001 PS Vita Travel Case (4gamers);

54.  One (1) T300 Force Feedback Wheel (Thrustmaster);

55.  One (1) T80 Racing Wheel (Thrustmaster);

56.  One (1) Y-300P Gaming Headset (Thrustmaster);

57.  One (1) Arcade Fightstick™ Tournament Edition 2 (MadCatz);

58.  One (1) RIG Gaming Headset – Black (Plantronics);

59.  One (1) RIG Gaming Headset – White (Plantronics);

60.  One (1) Full HD Monitor For PS4 (HORI);

61.  Two (2) System Carrying Case For PS4 (R.D.S Industries);

62.  One (1) Real Arcade PRO 4 Premium VLX (HORI);

63.  One (1) Vibration Stereo Gaming Headset (Venom);

64.  One (1) PRO4-50 Stereo Gaming Headset (A4T);

65.  One (1) PRO4-40 Stereo Gaming Headset - Red (A4T);

66.  One (1) Playseat® Gran Turismo (Playseat);

67.  One (1) Playseat® GearShift Holder PRO  (Playseat);

68.  One (1) Playseat® Seat Slider  (Playseat);

69.  One (1) Playseat® Floor Mat  (Playseat);

70.  One (1) Games Tower + DUALSHOCK 4 Dual Charger (Rubber Road);

71.  One (1) Battlefield Hardline™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

72.  One (1) Evolve PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

73.  One (1) Star Wars™: Battlefront™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

74.  One (1) Middle-Earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

75.  One (1) Call of Duty®: Black Ops III PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

76.  One (1) Far Cry 4  PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

77.  One (1) Assassin's Creed® Syndicate PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

78.  One (1) Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

79.  One (1) Mortal Kombat X PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

80.  One (1) EA SPORTS™ Madden NFL 16 PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

81.  One (1) The Witcher™ 3: Wild Hunt PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

82.  One (1) F1™ 2015 PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

83.  One (1) Elder Scrolls™ Online PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

84.  One (1) Mad Max™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

85.  One (1) PROJECT CARS™ PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

86.  One (1) LEGO® Jurassic World PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

87.  One (1) EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 PlayStation®4 Disc Game;

88.  One (1) LEGO® Jurassic World PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

89.  One (1) Football Manager™ 2014 PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

90.  One (1) EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

91.  One (1) Batman™: Arkham Origins Blackgate PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

92.  One (1) Rayman Legends™ PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

93.  One (1) Assassin's Creed® III: Liberation™ PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

94.  One (1) Final Fantasy® X/X-2 HD Remastered PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

95.  One (1) Minecraft: PlayStation®Vita Disc Game;

96.  One (1) copy of Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Blu-ray™ disc;

97.  One (1) copy of 22 Jump Street on Blu-ray™ disc;

98.  One (1) copy of Breaking Bad Complete Box set on Blu-ray™ disc;

99.  One (1) copy of Elysium on Blu-ray™ disc;

100.                One (1) copy of Chappie on Blu-ray™ disc;

101.                One (1) Original PlayStation® Wallet (Bioworld);

102.                One (1) PlayStation® Socks (Rubber Road);

103.                One (1) PlayStation® Notebook (Rubber Road);

104.                One (1) PlayStation® Coasters (Rubber Road);

105.                One (1) PlayStation® Controller Key Ring (Bioworld);

106.                One (1) Original PlayStation Bag (Insert Coin), and

107.                One (1) PlayStation Classic Controller Zipper Hoodie (Bioworld).

with a total approximate value of EUR 14,600 / AUD 22000 / CZK 400480 / DKK 110120 / NZD 24300 / NOK 131540 / PLN 61300 / RUB 927490 / SEK 138265 / CHF 15478 / GBP 10,500 (“Winner Prize”)


11.          Each First Runner-Up will win:

1.     One (1) PlayStation®4 - Jet Black 500GB; and

2.     One (1) Uncharted™: The Nathan Drake Collection PlayStation®4 Disc Game,

with a total approximate value of EUR 545 / AUD 815 / CZK 14820 / DKK 4080 / NZD 900 / NOK 4870 / PLN 2270 / RUB 34345 / SEK 5120 / CHF 573 / GBP 389. (“First Runner-Up Prize”).


12.          Each Second Runner-Up will win, one (1) Uncharted™: The Nathan Drake Collection PlayStation®4 Disc Game, with a total approximate value of EUR 83 / AUD 125 / CZK 2286 / DKK 630 / NZD 140 / NOK 750 / PLN 350 / RUB 5300 / SEK 790 / CHF 88 / GBP 60. (“Second Runner-Up Prize”).


13.          The Promoter will use reasonable endeavours to send:

a)     by courier, the Winner Prize to the Winner;

b)    by courier, the First Runner-Up Prize to each First Runner-Up; and

c)     by courier, the Second Runner-Up Prize to each Second Runner-Up,

within two (2) weeks of receiving a Winner’s and Runner-Up’s details.


14.          In these Terms, “Prize” shall mean a Winner Prize, and/or a First Runner-Up Prize and/or a Second Runner-Up Prize, as appropriate in the context.


15.          Voucher codes are subject to terms and conditions of use. Please click here for details. Voucher codes are not transferable and may not be re-sold. Voucher codes have an expiry date which will be communicated with the voucher code.


16.          PlayStation®Plus subscription only available to SEN account holders with access to PlayStation®Store and high-speed internet.  SEN, PS Store and PS Plus subject to terms of use and country and language restrictions; PS Plus content and services vary by subscriber age. Users must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent, except that users in Germany must be 18 years or older. Service availability is not guaranteed. Online features of specific games may be withdrawn on reasonable notice -  PS Plus subscription automatically renews at the end of the subscription period at the current PS Store price.  Full terms apply: SEN Terms of Service at


17.          Prizes must be taken as stated and may not be deferred.  There will be no cash alternatives; however the Promoter reserves the right to substitute any Prize with a prize of a similar value.


18.          The Promoter cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any problem which may result in any Competition entry or other correspondence being lost or not being properly registered.


19.          In the event of a dispute, the Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.


20.          The Promoter reserves the right to cancel the Competition or amend these Terms at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances arise outside its control.


21.          If a Prize is found to be ineffective, faulty or damaged upon receipt, the Promoter must be notified in writing within seven (7) days of receipt, otherwise the Prize will be deemed to be accepted as received.  This does not affect the Winner’s or a Runner-Up’s statutory rights (if any).


22.          The Winner and each Runner-Up agree to take part in any reasonable publicity required by the Promoter.


23.          If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms or incorrect, illegible, fraudulent or other invalid or improper information has been provided, the Promoter may in its sole discretion refuse to process an entry or fulfill any Prize awarded. If an Entrant fails to comply with clauses 4, 5, and 9, uses multiple accounts to enter, they will be excluded from the Competition and their entry will be declared void.


24.          The Winner and each Runner-Up may be required to pay tax on any Prize won in accordance with their jurisdiction’s tax legislation and will be responsible for any related tax liability.


25.          The Promoter may, at its sole discretion, publish the Winner’s and each Runner-Up’s name on the Promoter’s website(s).  The Winner’s and each Runner-Up’s name will be made available on reasonable request to those enclosing a self-addressed envelope marked “PlayStation Fully Loaded Turbo Competition” to the following address: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited, 10 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7LP United Kingdom within six (6) weeks of the Closing Date.


26.          General Rules apply to the Competition.  Please click here to view the General Rules.


27.          The “Promoter” is: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, 10 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7LP United Kingdom.


28.          To the extent permitted by applicable law, these Terms shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and the contract between each Entrant and the Promoter shall be deemed to have been formed and performed in England.