Updated 23 September 2015

What is the difference between the Saved Data Folder and Game Data Utility Folder?

Find out more about the difference between the Save Data and Game Data Utility Folder on the PlayStation 3 system.


The PlayStation 3 system’s Saved Data Folder is where Save Data is stored. To delete Save Data, copy the data to an external storage device (such as a USB storage device, external hard drive or flash media) then access the data via PC. Deleting Save Data will erase your progress in any associated software titles. For more information, check out the online manual for copying Save Data to storage media.

The PlayStation 3 system’s Game Data Utility Folder is where data pertaining to game patches and purchased download content is stored. To re-install game patches, re-insert the original game disc into the PlayStation 3 system and access the game via the XMB Menu. To re-install purchased download content, access PlayStation Store and download the content from your Download List.