Updated 8 April 2016

Changing or upgrading the PlayStation 3 Super Slim Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Should you wish to remove and/or install the HDD from your Super Slim PlayStation 3 system, this article will show you how to do so.

  1. Remove the HDD.
  • Remove the HDD bay cover by sliding it in the direction indicated by the arrow. The HDD will be revealed within a metal mounting bracket.
  • Carefully remove the blue screw using a small cross-head screwdriver.
  • Pull the right side of the handle towards you, then remove the HDD by pulling it towards you.
  • Remove the mounting bracket containing the HDD.
  1. Attach the mounting bracket to the new HDD.
  • Note: The PlayStation 3 system only supports 2.5 inch Serial ATA HDDs.
  • Place the HDD into the mounting bracket.
  • Holding the HDD lightly, turn it upside down together with the mounting bracket.
  • Keep the rubber inserts over the mounting bracket’s screw holes while inserting the screws into the mounting bracket.
  1. Secure the HDD inside the PlayStation 3 system using the blue screw.
  1. Attach the HDD bay cover.

Note: Any data that was previously saved to the newly installed HDD will be deleted and the replacement drive will be reformatted prior to use in the PlayStation 3 system.