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PSVR Blurred Vision

By Wongfeihung01 2017-04-23T14:48Z

I have been playing the games which are fine but the graphics are not the smoothest and are quite blurred. Anyone else having issues like that? 
For example The Playroom VR, whenever you go to select the game you want to play, each planet is quite blurry.

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By KingGobbo 2017-04-23T14:48Z

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Hi guys,
If you're experiencing a blurry or out of focus image on your PS VR headset, please try working through the follow troubleshooting steps.
1. Re-adjust your headset
Hold down the PS button on your DS4 to open the Quick Menu. Select [Adjust PlayStation VR] > [Adjust Headset Position] and move the headset until the image is clear. We recommend trying a variety of different positions until you find the one that is right for you. Use the button on the bottom right of the headset scope to slide it forwards and backwards until the image is clearer. Use the adjustment dial on the rear of the headset to tighten the headband, as this can also help achieve a clearer image.
2. Calibrate your eye-to-eye distance
On the PS4, head to [Settings] > [Devices] > [PlayStation VR] > [Eye-to-eye Distance] and follow the on-screen instructions. You may wish to try this a few times selecting slightly different positions until you find your sweet spot.
3. Check your cables and connections
Make sure that the cable between your PS4 and Processor Unit is the one that was supplied with your PlayStation VR. You can also try disconnecting the headset extension cable from between your headset and PU, and plugging your headset directly into the PU. If this improves the image a lot, please contact Customer Support who can help further.
4. Have someone else try your PS VR
If possible, have some friends or family members try your PS VR and see if they experience the same levels of blurring or poor image quality as you.
I am fully aware that many of you may have already tried all of these steps, but please do report back to me if any of these steps have helped you.
Many thanks,

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