Updated 6 October 2017

Why a mobile billing wallet top up might fail

This article explains the reasons that you cannot top up your wallet with mobile billing and provides the general steps to try before contacting us.


Follow these steps:

  1. This payment option is only available in selected countries. If your account was created in any other country you cannot use this payment method.
  2. Your SEN account and mobile phone account must both be from the same country. If they are not, you will not be able to use this payment method.
  3. Sign out of Account Management or exit PlayStation Store and sign back in to refresh your wallet.
  4. If you replied to the text with 'y', 'yes', 'Y' or 'YES' the payment should have been successful. If you wrote anything different or extra your payment will be refused.
  5. If you reply more than 15 minutes after our text was sent to you the payment will be refused.
  6. You are charged standard network rate for the text you send in reply. If you have a pre-paid mobile and the value of the top up and the price of the text add up to more than your available mobile credit the payment will be refused.
  7. You can only top up a maximum of £30 per 24 hour period. If you try to top up more, the payment will be refused.
  8. If you have not reached the £30 limit, your mobile network provider may have placed an extra spending limit on your account. Contact them to find out whether it can be changed.
  9. If the problem you have experienced is not solved or explained above, contact us for further assistance.