Updated 10 October 2017

PlayStation Video playback issue

Why a video might stutter, stop or change picture quality while playing.

  • The lowest bandwidth recommendation for SD streaming is 700kps - 1.5Mbps depending on your device.
  • The lowest bandwidth recommendation for HD streaming is 2.5Mbps - 3.5Mbps depending on your device.

The speed described by your broadband provider is usually the best achievable speed. This means that you may find that your connection is actually slower than advised, for example, during peak internet usage times or when other devices are connected to your network.

Rentals delivered via streaming may pause and stutter (caused by buffering) if your internet connection speed changes during playback. We may adapt the picture quality of the video to suit your connection speed to avoid buffering. If this continues, please consider switching to a wired connection which may resolve the issue.

There are a number of factors that may affect your connection speed including:

  • Check with your ISP or your router manufacturer to ensure that your equipment is running the latest software or firmware.
  • Other devices or PCs on your network may affect your connection speed. Downloading, streaming, peer-to-peer file sharing, etc. all impact the amount of bandwidth available to your SEN enabled device and other devices on your network.